Black Sunday (1960): Directed by: Mario Brava
Characters: Barbara Steele (Asa), Andrea Checchi (Dr. Thomas Kruvajan), John Richardson (Dr. Gorobec)

Asa Vajda, a beautiful witch, is sentenced to death by her own brother for sorcery. With her dying breath she vows a curse of revenge on her brother’s descendants as the place a metal mask with spikes on the inside on her head and hammers it into her flesh. Centuries later Asa is brought back to life with blood from Dr. Thomas Kruvajan after him and his assistant Dr. Gorobec stumble upon her tomb and he cuts himself trying to remove her mask.

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

Blood and Roses (1960): Directed by: Roger Vadim
Characters: Annette Vadim (Camilla), Elsa Martinelli (Georgia Monteverdi), Mel Ferrer (Leopoldo De Karmstein)

After an explosion of munitions lost during WWll accidentally set off by fireworks and ancient catacomb is disturbed. Camilla wanders into the tomb, while being dresses in clothes from her legendary vampire ancestor, as it slowly opens. Over the next few days Camilla just doesn’t seem herself. Is it possible she could be possessed by a vampire spirit from the catacombs?

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

The Brides of Dracula (1960): Directed by: Terence Fisher
Characters: Peter Cushing (Van Helsing), Martita Hunt (Baroness Meinster), Yvonne Monlaur (Marianne)

School teacher Marianne gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to spend the night at the hospitable Baroness Meinsters house. After meeting the Baroness’s handsome son and becoming captivated with him, it is up to Van Helsing to save her from this vampire!

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon)

The Kiss of the Vampire (1963): Directed by: Don Sharp
Characters: Noel Willman (Dr. Rayna), Edward de Souza (Gerald Harcourt), Marianne Harcourt (Jennifer Daniel)

Marianne and her husband Gerald are on the honeymoon when they get caught up in a vampire cult whose leader is Dr. Rayna. After the cult abducts Marianne they set out to make it look like Gerald never had a wife to begin with and that he was traveling alone. With the help of a Professor, Gerald goes on a mission to save his wife.

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

The Last Man on Earth (1964): Directed by: Ubaldo Ragona
Characters: Vincent Price (Dr. Robert Morgan), Franca Bettoia (Ruth)

Based on a 1954 novel “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson this film revolves around Dr. Robert Morgan who fears he is one of the only survivors of a deadly plague that turns people in to vampire like creatures who are repelled by garlic, can’t stand the sunlight, and have a fear of mirror. Morgan has a theory that he is immune to the virus because he has a diluted version of the plague in his bloodstream was bitten by a vampire bat while being stationed in Panama. Every day he gets up, gathers his supplies, and sets out to kill as many of the creatures that he can, burning their bodies after words
(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

Planet of Vampires (1965): Directed by: Mario Bava
Characters: Barry Sullivan (Captain Mark Markary), Norma Bengell (Sanya), Angel Aranda (Wes)

While in deep space, Captain Markary and his crew are on a mission to answer a distress call that they pick up coming from a planet that is unexplored call Aura. Upon arriving to the planet the Captain and his crew soon find out that answering the distress call was more than they bargained for!

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965): Directed by: Freddie Frances
Characters: Neil Mc Callum (Jim Dawson), Alan Freeman (Bill Rogers), Donald Sutherland (Dr. Bob Carroll)

On a train headed for Bradley, a mysterious Doctor joins five men sitting in the carriage. As the train rolls along the Doctor proceeds to pull out his Tarot cards and foresee each horrific destiny of the five men.

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966): Directed by: Terence Fisher
Characters: Christopher Lee (Count Dracula), Andrew Keir (Father Sandor), Barbara Shelley (Helen Kent)

Helen Kent is one among four English tourists that fail to head the advice of local priest Father Sandor on not visiting Karlsbad, and she becomes Dracula’s first victim. Will Helens friends be safe or will she turn on them now that Dracula is controlling her?

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967): Directed by: Roman Polanksi
Characters: Jack MacGowran (Professor Abronsius), Roman Polanski (Alfred), Ferdy Mayne (Count Von Krolock)

A comedy horror film set in the heart of Transylvania that follows Professor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred, who are the hunt for vampires. Their journey leads them to a small town where they go up against Count Von Krolock. Will they be able to save the damsel in distress and kill the vampire lord?

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968): Directed by: Freddie Francis
Characters: Christopher Lee (Count Dracula), Rupert Davies Monsignor (Ernest Muller), Veronica Carlson (Maria Muller)

Arriving in the village outside of Dracula’s castle a year after his death, Monsignor Muller notices how scared the villagers are to live in the shadow of the Counts castle so he decides to pay it a visit and exorcise it. On his way to the castle he is caught in a storm and falls over a rock cutting his head. Muller’s blood trickles down a crack in a frozen stream right into the mouth of the preserved body of the Count!

(Available on Netflix, iTunes, and amazon.com)

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