Vampire Movies

If you are like us you enjoy a good horror flick especially when it has anything to do with vampires. Whether you are a horror fan or prefer something a bit more seductive or even funny you will know that as the decades pass the way movies are created and the plot lines change. However, the one thing that remains the same is the fact that vampire movies is a huge business and that there are millions of fans that are always looking for the new vampire movie to be released. When we decided to create this website we thought about just grouping a few movies together that we thought viewers would like but then decided to go one step further and decide to break it down by decades. Since we are still under construction at this time we are only putting 10 – 20 movies per decade but will add more as we go along. If you have any movies or favorites that you would like added to the list please send us an email and we will happily do so. Of course there are tons of classics so we apologize if we have missed any.

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