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Are you a Vampire fanatic? Have a favorite vampire movie and always thought what it would be like if it were turned into a book? What about those book worms out there that have a favorite Vampire book and wondered what it would be like to see it on the big screen. Many of the top vampire Movies or TV shows have actually came from books.  Whether you have watched the movie or show or read the book you should definitely check out what the other has to offer. Did they follow the same story line? Who was your favorite character and will things end the same way? Check out the list below to find out what books was also a movie! Make sure to let us know what you think of each and if you prefer the book or movie.

 Interview with the Vampire is one of the more epic vampire movies that started with a book written by Anne Rice. The Vampire Chronicles was written in 1976 best seller which was eventually turned in to a drama horror film in 1994, directed by Neil Jordan and starred some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The top celebrities in the move include Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Slater.

Queen of the Damned was another popular vampire book which was the sequel to Interview with the Vampire so check it out today by watching it online.

 The Twilight Books were eventually turned in to one of the most popular vampire movies to ever be created was written by Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Books consisted of four different books with the first one being written in 2005 Twilight, the next book in the series New Moon was released in 2006, followed by Eclipse released in 2007 and the final book Breaking Dawn which was released in 2008. The Twilight movie series actually ended up with 5 separate movies instead of just four like the books. There were various memorable characters in this 5 part romance fantasy films but the three that truly made it stand out was Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). The fourth book was eventually split in to two parts giving the grand total of five movies. If you are a Twilight movie fan you should definitely check out the books to see just how many differences that you can spot when compared to the movies. For those that enjoyed the books relive every moment with all of your favorite characters by checking out the movies which are all available to watch online or by ordering the complete DVD set.

 Are you a True Blood fan? Did you know that the whole storyline started from the popular vampire series The Southern Vampire Mysteries, written by Charlaine Harris? As for those that have read the book but have yet to watch the series should definitely check out one of the hottest Vampire TV shows on HBO. This show is full of lust, sex, lies and of course vampires along with several other mythical creatures such as fairies and shape shifters. The show is R rated so make sure you are over 18 if you plan to watch True Blood.

 As one of my personal favorite Vampire TV shows – Vampire Diaries is one of the hottest shows on right now. What started as a young adult vampire horror series written by L.J. Smith has been loved by readers of all ages. The plot centers itself around high school cheerleader, Elena Gilbert who is torn between two hot vampires that just so happen to be brothers, Stefan and Damon. If you have read the books you know all too well about the romance, lies and turmoil that keeps readers on edge so why not check out what the series has to offer. For those that have indulged in the TV series should definitely consider reading the books just so you have inside knowledge on just how everything plays out. The Salvatore brothers, Elena and all their friends are waiting to taking you on a journey like never before so check them out today.

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