Vampire Books

Are you an avid reader and have a special spot for Vampire literature? There are thousands of vampire books available on the market so how do you choose which one to read first? There are vampire books available for those that are looking for romance, horror, comedy and everything in between. The list here is our personal favorites so if you have a book that you would like to have added please do let us know. We also will be listing vampire books by new authors as well as interviewing them so if you enjoy checking out what new authors have to offer CLICK HERE. Below are a few of our favorite Vampire books from various offers but most of these are single books. If you prefer something more of a series check out the Vampire Series section or for those that are considered more of a classic check out the Must Read section. If you are like us you probably enjoy watching movies that were created from the plot of a good book so check out the Book w/Movie section. Enjoy!


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