Aug 8, 2014

The Passion Series Book 1 & 2 Book Review – J.A. Melville

passionSo I have been reading The Passion Series by J.A. Melville and just had to do another recap because this series really is amazing. For those that have yet to read these books you are definitely missing out. The books include the sexy vampires that we crave but they also have hot steamy action that will leave you craving for your own reenactment of what they experience together. I have completely read book 1 & 2 and will be diving into book three very shortly.

So Passion after Dark was the first book that I ever read by J.A. Melville and I loved it. Anything vampire related has always been my preferred type of book and I rarely read erotica but she created the perfect combo which hooked me as soon as I read the first couple of chapters. The book which follows main character Allegra (author by the way brilliant) and Dominick the sexy vampire who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. The book has lots of surprises that you do not see coming & amazing sex which will definitely make your panties a little damp. I like the fact that the author of this amazing book isn’t afraid to make the sex scenes vivid and nothing about this book is timid. If you are looking for a hot steamy paranormal read this is the one for you. kk

After reading book one in this series I knew I had to dive right into book two – Passion by Control. Fabian from the very first book is cold hearted, cocky and cares about no one other than himself. Unfortunately for him the two people he thought he had gotten rid of is ready to seek revenge in the form of a sexy little witch that will leave his head messed up in ways he never could imagine. This book is full of love, hate, jealousy and again twists that I never saw coming and seriously cried about. This book will draw you in and cause you to feel various emotions while sitting on edge to see what happens next. I absolutely loved this book and I think it was my preferred one so far but I will probably say the same about book 3 which I am reading now. Love this author and her amazing creativity!!!!

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