Jan 20, 2016

Strange Darkness: A Noir Anthology Book Highlights – Danielle DeVor

51kzhuet5fL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_Today one of our featured books include Strange Darkness: A Noir Anthology written by Danielle DeVor. Make sure to grab your copy of this book today!

Pull up a spot around the campfire and join us in this collection of 8 spooky short stories.

A deadly, dangerous man is caught betweenthe paranormal and his evil, hungry dreams.

A study on urban legends becomes all too realfor one student.

Time waits for no man and a horrible vampiriclegacy is in need of an heir.

Puppies are sweet and cute, but this little girl’s Hellhound is loyal.

There’s nothing like an alien war.

Frog isn’t what he appears. And Boyd? He’ll be thankful.

Running away will solve all your problems. Or not. One girl will wish she stayed home.

There’s nothing like a few brain eating hermit crabs to turn your world on its axis.

Sometimes the one who saves you from the monsters is one person you’d least expect.

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