Aug 9, 2014

Passion Follows Pain: Passion Series Book Review – J.A. Mellville

coverI just finished reading book three in the Passion Series by J.A. Mellville and I dread reading book 4 just because that will mean I will have to play the waiting game until book 5 is released. Passion and Fire follows Lucian and his fondness for the shy little blonde that moves in next door to take care of the elderly neighbor after breaking her leg. Little does he know that the secrets from her past stand to be the barrier that will keep them divided even when he’s ready to risk everything for her. Arissa is a beautiful blue eyed blonde that grabs Lucian’s attention immediately after seeing her for the first time and will continue to tug at his heart strings. What he fails to realize is that her past haunts her and while others see the beauty and qualities that she has to offer she feels ugly and dirty. I truly loved this book and could feel the raw emotion throughout it from various characters. I love the various point of views that brings out in this book. I am completely hooked on this amazing series.

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