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A.K. Michael’s is truly one of the sweetest authors that I have ever met. She currently has several book series out but my favorite by her is the The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire Series. The series currently has three books in the series which can be found below. She is a talented author with a unique writing style which will keep you on edge. Find out now why she made VF’s must read list!

The-Witch-The-Wolf-and-The-Vampire-Book-1-A-Paranormal-Romance1-187x300The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 1 (A Paranormal Romance)

Peri has been running since she was fifteen – using her magic to stay safe. ‘They’ can track her magic tho, so she has to use it sparingly. In Vegas, for a cash in hand job, and things turn nasty! She knows the amount of magic she would have to use to escape unscathed would bring ‘them’ right to her.
Before she can use the vast magic required two males appear and aid her. One a wolf, one an ancient vampire.
Josef, the vampire, and Gabe, the wolf, are more than a little interested in this skinny girl. What ensues shocks both of the strong males – this girl is more than a stray, more than a witch – it looks like she is a mate – for both of them!?

Will Peri stay? Will they keep her safe? Who, if any, of the two will she choose? Just how much power does this stripling of a girl have locked inside her?


The-Witch-The-Wolf-and-The-Vampire-Book-2-A-Paranormal-Romance-188x300The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 2, (A Paranormal Romance)
Peri has finally stopped running and found safety with Gabe and Josef … her Wolf and her Vampire. Now she is getting strong, physically and magically, and she is ecstatic with her two mates. She is not about to let anyone take that away and she surprises even herself with her power.

However, a psycho sect has been hunting her for over six years, and they are closing in. Her own father is the leader of this sect, but she is more than willing to do whatever she can to take him down. Destroy him for everything he is, everything he does, before he does to others what he did to her.

With an ancient Vampire and a powerful Wolf by her side she just can’t fail … can she?



The-Witch-The-Wolf-and-The-Vampire-Book-3-187x300Book 3 in The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire Series, (A Paranormal Romance)
Peri has finally defeated her own father, the psycho leader of a sect that has plagued her since childhood. Now she looks forward to a life she never thought she’d have, in love with both Josef and Gabe.  As the three of them prepare for their future , they become involved in helping their friends Kyle and Sabrina go on the run, tracking down a kidnapped child and advising the supernatural cop Ronan.

It’s an exciting life for Peri, being the mate of a Vampire and a Wolf!  Unknown to them, the magical sect has gained a new leader. Even more vicious than her father, its only a matter of time before this maniac rips apart Peri, Josef and Gabe’s world…




The next vampire related series that A.K. Michaels has is the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau which also has 3 books currently in the series and is a must read.


1Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, Book 1, The Dragon and The Vampire: Book 1
As Director of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, powerful Vampire Ronan, though the had seen it all…..until he discovers Dragons actually exist. Can he help the dragon being hunted on his patch? He certainly has the means at his disposal… if they can find it first… before the dark magic-wielding Witches and their Vampire cohorts. After seeing the magnificent beast with his own eyes he cant turn from the task, even if he wanted to. His sire, Josef,  gives him a direct command to find the dragon and keep it safe. No matter the  cost. With rogue Vampires and Witches on its trail, its only a matter of time before they capture it. That’s not something Ronan will allow…not on his watch. He will do whatever it takes to find and save the Dragon, using every powerful being at his disposal, including the dark and dangerous Creed.


2Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, The Imprisoned Dragon and The Witch
The call finally comes. Serge has located a remote cavern in the Rockies that holds a Dragon prisoner. Time is of the essence. Ronan and Starr rush to implement a rescue party and the Director of the SEB calls on his Sire, Josef, for help. After all, with Josef comes a very powerful Witch and a deadly Wolf. With dark magic in the mix he knows he will need Peri’s power if they’re to have any chance at success.

Plans seem to fall apart as they uncover a plot so mind-blowing that Ronan’s ‘boss’, the President of the United States, wants to send in the troops! Averting that disaster, he realizes the entire load now rests upon his shoulders.

Can he pull off a massive operation, covering the entire United States and beyond? Can Starr withstand a deadly blast of dark magic power?


3Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, Bureau Under Siege
Creed’s past has finally caught up with him and it’s not just the dangerous elite guard that is in the firing line. No, everyone involved in the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau headquarters is at risk. Men, women and children are in danger as a Vampire with no mercy, or thought for others, comes to town…bringing his own small army with him.

The only way to make sure everyone is safe is to work together, striking first when the opportunity presents itself.

Ronan, Sam and Starr work with Creed to keep everyone safe from harm but is it a losing battle? Especially as Ronan fights to keep Starr’s secret from people he loves at the same time! Can they survive unscathed? Can Ronan keep Starr’s secret? Can Creed finally put his past to rest and find peace?

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