Sep 22, 2014

Master For Tonight II Book Review

coverI just finished reading Master for Tonight II by Elaine Barris and once again this author delivered. I originally met this amazing author last year and was lucky enough to read and review book one which hooked me right away. I have been anxiously awaiting book two and found it to be as good if not better than book one. From the beautiful cover to the flawless writing style Elaine gives you a vampire book that has suspense, raw emotions and a touch of naughtiness to complete the perfect read. We was introduced to Julian and Kate in book one where he just had to have her even if it was just for one night. However, after being together they both knew it was meant to be. What happens when the love of his life is taken? This powerful vampire will not stand by and let his love be taken forever. But what can he really do about it and will he be able to save her in time? Will Kate regret ever meeting Julian and allowing him into her home? These are questions that you will have to read the book to find out. I absolutely loved it and once again cannot wait to read more by this author that is destined to hit the best seller list with many of the greats!!! If you have yet to grab your copy or haven’t read either of the books make sure to click the links below to grab your copy!

master for tonight elaine barris

Master For Tonight II (Master For Tonight Duet Book 2)

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