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This interview is with the talented Tim O’Rourke who is the author of the Kiera Hudson series and our first male author interview which I am very happy about. He is currently working on the 14th book in the series which many fans are eagerly awaiting to read. He has been one of the my favorite authors from the first time that I read the first book in the series “Vampire Shift”. Thanks Tim for taking the time to do the interview with us and maybe we will send you a pair of elbow and need pads and who knows maybe even bubble wrap to help keep you safe : ) – He has also agreed to generously send us an autographed book which can be used for future giveaways.

Being a male author what gave you the idea to write the Kiera Hudson series and do you think that writing for a female persona is more difficult as a male versus if you were a female author?
Kiera Hudson came about by chance. My wife had been on at me for ages to write her a book about vampires but I kept putting the whole idea of. There were a lot of vampire books out there and I didn’t want to add to that list unless I could bring something new to it. So eventually I told my wife that if she came up with the idea I would write it. She suggested I wrote a book about a police station where the night shift were vampires. That was the idea she gave so I started to write. I had no real idea at the beginning where the story would go. I just started by writing ‘My name is Kiera Hudson…’ 14 days later I had finished. I get a lot of emails from women saying that they love Kiera Hudson and would want to be her. I don’t really think too much about writing in a female voice. I hear Kiera really clearly in my head and have done since I started the series. Kiera is a great character to write and I feel privileged that she is there inside my head. I have had a few emails from some really angry women who don’t believe I should be writing in a female voice at all. But for me, I just write and what I hear in my head and people really seem to love Kiera Hudson. I get emails from younger fans who write and say how much they love Kiera and how they would like to have her as their friend. I also get loads of emails from people who are being bullied or being treated badly in some way and they tell me how much strength they get from ready about Kiera Hudson and they love the way she over comes the problems and hurdles in the books. I am always very touched by these emails. Lots of people email to tell me that Kiera Hudson helps to take them away from their worries about work, money and other things going on in their lives. Most of these emails are sent to me by women so I guess that even though Kiera Hudson is written by a man, she must be connecting with the reader on some level and I’m really happy about that.

When you started writing Vampire Shift did you know that this was going to be a series or was it something that you decided after getting so far in to the book?
About halfway through writing ‘Vampire Shift’ I knew that I could take the characters I had created on into other books. At the time I thought it would stretch to a trilogy. I’m now about to start on the 14th Kiera Hudson novel!! I really had no idea there would be so many Kiera Hudson adventures. I was going to end Kiera’s story after the first series, but my inbox quickly filled up with emails from people wanting more Kiera Hudson adventures. There were six books in series one and I thought that would be enough for anyone – I was wrong. I’m just about to start the eighth book in Kiera Hudson Series two. There will be ten books in total in the second series. Again I was going to end Kiera’s adventures after series two as there would be 16 books by then. I made an announcement on my Facebook page that the second series would be the end, but again my inbox was soon full. So over Christmas last year I roughly plotted out another 5 adventures for Kiera. I don’t just want to write more Kiera Hudson books for the sake of it – I will only write more if I have really good stories to tell. I’m happy that I have another five good Kiera Books to tell, so I will be writing a third Kiera Hudson Series.

Of all of the books in the series which was your favorite one to write and why?
To be honest it’s really hard for me to choose. As I finish each book I always think that was my most favorite one to write and then I enjoy writing the next even more. I guess that’s a great position to be in as an author as I’m still enjoying writing these books.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My great inspiration was my best friend Patrick, but sadly he is no longer with us. But I still think about him every day.

Can you tell us something personal about you that your readers do not know?
I am really clumsy. I’ve fallen out of a moving car. I fell through some bushes holding my six month old son, I’ve fallen out of a moving bus, I’ve fallen done the stairs and smashed the armchair to pieces at the bottom. But believe it or not – I’ve never ever broken a single bone!

How did you choose the name of the series?
I wanted my female lead to have a strong name as she is a strong character. I liked the name Keira but changed it to Kiera – so really her name is pronounced Ky – era! I chose Hudson because I thought the two names went well together.

How many sales have you had to date for the Kiera Hudson Series?

Are you currently working on any other books that we will see in the near future?
I’m writing a Zombie novel called ‘Pick’. I am writing this with my son, Thomas. My ‘Vampire Seeker’ series has just been bought by the publishing house Little Brown/Piatkus who publish J. R. Ward and I’ll be starting book two really soon. I have another book being published by Barry Cunningham (Chicken House) who discovered The Harry Potter books. This book is called ‘Flashes’ and will be out next Spring 2014.

Reading over many of your reviews on Amazon I do believe you were considered a rival of Stephanie Meyer’s so what would your thoughts on that be?
I love the Twilight books and Stephanie Meyer. For any of my books to be even mentioned in the same sentence is an honor.

Do you have a favorite author and how have they impacted the writer that you are today?
My most favorite author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He has influenced me the most. Kiera Holmes is very much a Sherlock Holmes in a skirt! Lol! I love horror too and would say my biggest influence in that genre is James Herbert.

What advice would you give to new writers that hopes to one day have a book or series as successfully as the Kiera Hudson series has been?
Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing and then write some more! Don’t ever give up! I’ve had so many rejection letters I could re wallpaper my house several times over with them. Self-publish your work and share your ideas with others. Listen to constructive feedback and never listen to a review that starts with – “This is the first time I’ve ever left a review but felt I had to because this book was just so bad…” Lol! If I had never self-published people would have never read my work. You never know who is going to read it. Keep your goals realistic. Very few are an overnight success. It took me seven months before I had anything close to decent book sales. Be thick skinned and believe in yourself.

Check out his page at http://kierahudson.com

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