Lisa Renee Jones

Today I finished an interview with the talented Lisa Renee Jones who is the author of the popular Inside Out Trilogy. In addition to this Trilogy she has written other popular books including the Tall, Dark & Deadly Series, The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, Vampire Wardens, Werewolf Society and many others. She is a great writer and if you have yet to read any of these great books you are definitely missing out.

How old were you when you first attempted to write your first book?
It was about 8 years ago. I’d written scripts and acted before that but never even considered a book.

What was your inspiration for The Vampire Wardens?
Diego my soon to be husband LOVE vampires and got me into watching Blade. That with a little of my hometown Texas roots got me started writing them.

How many books are currently out for The Vampire Wardens and is it a complete set as of now?
3 but the Werewolf Society is very linked to this series. The vamp appear in that series.

What other series have you released and can you give us a brief description of them?
Oh gosh I have so many books. But my main series right now is INSIDE OUT which is the sexy erotic thriller that is being developed for television. Diego would have loved it had I put a vampire in it!

Out of all of the books that you have written in all the series combined which was your favorite and why?
Inside Out. That series is near and dear to my heart because the idea came from a time in our life when we were buying and selling storage units to make ends meat. We found a journal that inspired the series.

Who is your biggest supporter?
Diego. He’s believed in me even when I didn’t. I met Diego in a Barnes and Noble and he loves books and has believed in me since the day we fell for each other. We are getting married this November.

Do you have ideas for other series which you can give us hints about?
Escaping Reality is out, part 1 of The Secret Life of Amy Bensen. This is also a sexy mystery and book 2 will have some big surprises. So far no one has guessed what really is going to happen that I have seen.

What is one thing about you that if most readers knew they would be surprised by?
Probably that I have grown kids and use to run a large Texas staffing agency I owned.

Do you have a favorite author and have they inspired you in any way?
Karen Marie Moning. I love her talent and her stories. I want to be her when I grow up.

Are you self published and if so do you think that its a difficult process and would you recommend it to others that are aspiring authors?
Inside Out started self published and sold to New York. New York offered and I declined. By declining I ended up doing SO much better. I recommend it but I also say get educated and don’t just slap a book up for sale. It is a business.

For those that are just starting out and are hoping to be as successful as you are one day what advice would you give them?
Never give up but also always grow. I look back at my early works and I am such a better writer now. Keep writing. The more you write the better you get.

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