Elisabeth Staab

We recently interviewed the talented Elisabeth Staab, writer of the Chronicles of Yavn! This author wrote a series that definitely takes vampires to a new level and will leave you on edge. If you have yet to read anything by her you are definitely going to want to after just a few chapters of her first book. She generously donated a signed copy of “Prince of Power” to be used for one of our giveaways. Thank you for doing the interview with us Elisabeth and we wish you and your family lots of happy and successful years ahead.

How long did it take you to write your first book?
King of Darkness took around a year and a half. I started writing it right after my youngest son was born, so I was doing a lot of one-handed typing with a newborn in my arms. 🙂

When you started writing Chronicles of Yavn did you know that this was going to be a series or was it something that you decided after getting so far in to the book?
I realized pretty quickly there was going to be more than one story line. King of Darkness opens with the vampire king standing next to his bodyguard, and as I progressed in writing the story a whole other cast of characters emerged. Some of them made it clear that they, too, needed an HEA.

Of all of the books in the series which was your favorite one to write and why?
It’s tough to choose a favorite. King of Darkness was special because it was my first. When I wrote Prince of Power I struggled more because the hero/heroine relationship was so tumultuous but I loved the pairing and the role reversal between Anton and Tyra. Hunter by Night, the third book in the trilogy, was in some ways my easiest because Lee and Alexia had been waiting to get on the page together for two books and I loved finally giving them their HEA. So they’re all special in their own way.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My husband. He’s the smartest, kindest person I know.

Can you tell us something personal about you that your readers do not know?
Let’s see…in third grade I got in trouble for drawing on the school walls with a bar of soap. See, I’ve always been a trouble maker. But a clean trouble maker. 😉

How did you choose the name of the series?
Yavn is a little bit of an inside joke. It’s the name for the royal family. Also, Yavn is an acronym for Yet Another Vampire Novel.

Are you self published or do you have a publisher?
The Yavn trilogy is traditionally published, through Sourcebooks.

Do you have a favorite vampire book that you have read more than once?
The Lara Adrian Midnight breed series was the one who got me into the genre—my favorite of the series is Kiss of Crimson, and J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series is the one that truly inspired me to write. I’ve read Lover Unbound a couple of times. I don’t read vampires much anymore, when you’re trying to write your own it’s easier not to, but back when I did those were my favorites.

How many sales have you had to date for the Chronicles of Yavn Series?
The series is doing well. Hunter by Night, due out next summer, has been highly anticipated and should be a big hit.

Are you currently working on any other books that we will see in the near future?
Hunter by Night will be out next summer. June of 2014 I believe. Aside from that? Right now, my youngest is starting preschool and my middle child is not yet in Kindergarten, and I want to focus on spending time with them while they’re still young enough not embarrassed to be seen in public with me, LOL. So currently I’m working on giving the fam more attention like they’ve been begging me to do, and beyond that I can’t say what’s ahead for certain.

Do you have a favorite author and how have they impacted the writer that you are today?
I don’t think I can choose a favorite. There are so many amazing authors out there and they’ve all impacted my experience as both a reader and a writer in different ways. J.R. Ward probably had the greatest impact on me as a writer, simply because I may have never picked up the proverbial pen (laptop) had I not read Lover Unbound. I think the author I’ve enjoyed most recently as a reader is Tiffany Reisz, primarily because if the seductive richness of her voice and also the quality of her world. I’m not the most religious person, and my knowledge of Catholicism s limited to the discussions I’ve had with my deacon father in law. I was surprised at how I fell in love with her Original Sinners series from the very first page.

What advice would you give to other aspiring writers that are just starting out?
Learn as much as you can—take classes or workshops, read articles, read books both in and out of your genre…never stop soaking up new info. I strive to learn something new about writing every day. Not that it’s an entirely realistic goal, but I try. Find people you can trust to swap work with and critique each other. You learn a lot about your own work when evaluating someone else’s. You can find beta reading partners in writing workshops, at conferences, there are author groups on Goodreads, Facebook, Book Country, etc. Be truthful but kind. Nothing is gained from letting someone put less than their best work out into the world but nothing is gained by being cruel, either.

Consider your path carefully. Make a business plan. Research and ask questions before making decisions that will pin you down for the foreseeable future. The publishing business is kind of like a large machine with big gears and those gears take a long time to turn. A traditionally published book, for example, takes roughly ten months from the time it gets delivered to the author’s editor to the time it arrives on store shelves (give or take). So if you’re presented with say a publishing contract, an offer of representation, a request to co-write a book, or whatever, there is never any harm in asking for time to think and research the decision. Those gears will still be cranking away tomorrow and chances are the offer will still be on the table. If you’re pressed to decide on the spot it’s probably not the right move.

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