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I recently contacted Amy Blakenship earlier this month about doing an interview with us. She is the creator and talented writer of various series including the Blood Bound Series, Guardian Heart Crystal Series and the Obsession Series. She has graciously agreed to donate an audio book as well as a signed book to use for future giveaways. If you have yet to read her books make sure to do so. She is a fabulous writer. Thanks Amy for doing this interview with us.

How old was you when you wrote your first book and how long did it take to complete?
I was 34 years old and it only took me four months… I thought I was just writing it for fun and that I was the only one that would ever see it. The book is The Heart of Time – The Guardian Heart Crystal Series.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer and what other jobs have you had in between deciding this was your path?
I had no idea I wanted to be a writer because I loved reading. I worked at the post office delivering mail and really enjoyed my job but the more I wrote the more I craved to write and finally the stories won that battle.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My husband… who is also the hottie gracing the covers of the books.

How much time per day do you say you put towards writing?
Sometimes off and on all day and sometimes not at all. I have no set time but tend to catch it when I’m in the right frame of mind.

Are you currently working on anything new that your fans don’t know about yet?
I am. The Guardian Heart Crystal Series is my first series and has 8 books total. The cast are in a different dimension with a different life every book but their personalities always remain the same even though they are usually unaware of the other lifetimes. They are the guardians of the rift between the human and demon world and they all love the same girl… the key to the rift and their one true desire. By the time I had made it several books into the Blood Bound series I realized I was once again dealing with the rift between the human and demon world and knew it was the guardians calling to me… missing the spotlight so I brought them over into the Blood Bound Series. Anyone who is caught up with the Blood Bound series should really check out The Guardian Heart Crystal Series because all of those flashbacks Tasuki has been having actually happened in the other series. Reading both series expands the world of Blood Bound so there is your heads-up.

What is one thing about you that your fans might be surprised to know?
Syn slept for thousands of years in order to be closer to Angelica’s soul while she wasn’t in human form and since he awakened to find her alive he has been very calm… don’t let that fool you. Syn has a dark side that rivals all three of his sons and Angelica rejecting his claim of soul mate is the trigger that will remind of just who he is and what he had to do to win her in the past.

What was your favorite book to write and why?
Heat – Blood Bound Book 4.
Why? The name says it all. Damon will never get enough of being inside Alicia and never stop trying to completely dominate her… God I love him.

What is your favorite thing to write about?
Jealousy, love triangles and dominate males that will stop at nothing to possess the girl they desire. Since these are paranormal guys… well, they have the power to back up that jealousy and put up one hell of a fight.

With so many different books in the Blood Bound series did you get confused writing about different characters and did you have to go back and look at references to know what to add to the story about specific characters?
To me it’s a long movie inside my head that I watch and simply write what I am seeing and hearing. Strangely I hardly ever have to go back and check on things. I do listen to the audio books in my spare time so the stories never have a chance to fade from memory.

Do you have a favorite author and how have they impacted you and your writing style?
I started reading really thick historical romances when I was eleven years old and have read thousands. It always thrilled me when I ran across the ones that had jealousy and obsessive men in them… for example, pit a Cowboy and an Indian against each other and see which one gets the girl. I give a heartfelt thanks to all authors who have two guys fighting over the same girl and make you want both of them to win.
As far as favorite author goes it is a very hard question but I ran across a series recently that I have to admit may be the best thing I have ever read in my life. The Crossfire Series which would make Sylvia Day my favorite author to date. The series had enough jealousy, dark sexuality, obsession and domination to keep me riveted the whole time.

What advice would you give to other inspiring authors who are just starting out?
That’s easy. I would tell them to write the story they have always wanted to read… that’s what I do.

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