Here at we absolutely love reading as well as learning more about the authors behind each vampire masterpiece which is why we decided to add a Author Interview area to our website. This is a recently launched page and we hope to add a new interviews as often as possible  from different author’s especially newer ones. There hundreds of good Vampire book s that have hit the market within the last couple of years but many do not know about them because many of the authors are self-published which is why we have chosen to mainly concentrate on interviewing newer authors but will occasionally add top sellers as well if possible. If you are a Vampire author that would be willing to do an interview with us please email us at Keep checking back as we add more interviews and to read each interview click their name below to be taken directly to their page. The authors are listed in the order that we interviewed them.


Erica Stevens

Rachel Caine

Tim O’Rourke

Khelsey Jackson

C.T. Nicholson

Amy Blankenship

Lisa Renee Jones

Gabrielle Bisset

Elaine Barris

Karie Hendon

John Dizon

Danielle Corrick

Neil Staley

Teresa Gabelman

R.M. Garcia

David Burton


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