Mar 1, 2014

Heart and Sol Book Review

coverWhen I first got the book I was eager to read it but was unsure about whether or not I would actually like it because it was what I would consider out of my comfort zone. The book which is based around a plus size woman who encounters vampires, meh I thought but what the hell give it a go. I was very surprised after the first chapter I was actually hooked.  The best thing about this book is that the talented writer and author, Karie Hendon brought real matters and real life into perspective giving her main character a plus size shape and heart. We all dream about encountering these exotic vampires but most books talk about how beautiful and thin and perfect the characters are. However, with Heart and Sol you are brought into a world of reality that meets fantasy in a way that you have never imagined. I give this book 5 stars just because it is now one of my new favorites. If you have yet to read it you are definitely missing out! Keep your eye on this writer because I guarantee she is destined to do great things with her writing in the near future. All of us have a Kallie hiding inside of us so find out what she does to overcome challenges that often tackle us but do not keep us down.

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