Jun 15, 2015

Frost Burn by Erica Stevens – Book Review

teaser2Erica Stevens, has done it yet once again with her amazing upcoming release of Frost Burn. This book which is part one in her new Fire & Ice Series is seriously amazing. I have always been a huge fan of Erica/Brenda’s books and I think this one has meshed her writing styles from her previous books on both pen names. From the beautiful cover to the amazing new world that she has spun for us with Julian and Quinn which was born from her previous Kindred Series. I love anything paranormal with a hint of mystery and Erica has given it to us in this tiny town that Quinn thinks shes safe in or at least partially happy with no one really bothering her or out to get her. At least she thinks that’s the case and when Julian learns things that even Quinn doesn’t know it will test both of their beliefs and may create an unbreakable bond between two of the most unlikely people who should ever be together. I had the privilege of getting an early ARC of Frost Burn and I am already hooked. I love the way that Julian and Quinn are portrayed in the book and look forwarding to reading more! I highly recommend that you pre-order your copy today so it will be automatically delivered to you when it’s released on the 17th. If you have yet to read the Kindred Series you can still enjoy this one but I recommend starting with the Kindred Series first! Below is the order in which the Kindred Series comes in!

Frost Burn (Book 1 in the Fire & Ice Series)

Kindred (Book 1 in the Kindred Series) FREE!

Ashes (Book 2 in the Kindred Series)

Kindled (Book 3 in the Kindred Series)

Inferno (Book 4 in the Kindred Series)

Phoenix Rising (Book 5 in the Kindred Series)

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