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Jan 21, 2016

Paranormal Author Takeover Interview – Wendy Potocki

W. PotockiHere is the interview that I had the pleasure of doing with W. Potocki for the VF Presents Paranormal Author Takeover Event. Thank you for doing the interview with me.

What made you choose to write in the paranormal genre?
I don’t think I chose the genre as much as the genre chose me. However, I do think my muse made the perfect choice. Because of this selection, I’m not confined by the physical laws that govern reality, and if I choose to represent the emotion of jealousy as a monster that lives in the forest, I can. I enjoy the freedom and fluidity of imagination required to pen this kind of tale. I take care that all my characters are given ample room to speak and grow. It’s great fun when a reader “gets” what you’re trying to say and takes that ride into the unknown, and because I never know what my characters are going to do, it’s fun for me also.

How many books do you currently have available in the paranormal genre and what are the titles?
I have four paranormal books currently available. They are THE ADDUNé VAMPIRE TRILOGY and BLACK ADAGIO.  Here’s a little about the books. I should add that the rest of my work more precisely fits into the genre of horror with supernatural overtones.

The Adduné Vampire Trilogy is a sweeping saga about a young girl’s harrowing journey in the dark world of vampires.  The installments include: PART I: THE VAMPIRE’S GAME, PART II. THE HOUSE OF CARDS, and PART III. THE RECKONING.

Still shaken from the untimely death of her father, Miranda Perry is forced to assume control of his business empire. She begins the arduous task of overhauling Perry Antiques, but soon discovers a priceless object that her father hid from the world.

In attempting to ascertain its authenticity, she is placed in the crosshairs of a cunning vampire named Adduné. He is consumed with exacting vengeance for an unpardonable transgression–an offense that demands the ultimate punishment.

BLACK ADAGIO is a paranormal tale revolving around a young girl who is obsessed with making it in the world of dance. I had the inspiration for this story while in the midst of my involvement in ballet. I used to take classes here in NYC, and one day while walking down the street, a scene revealed itself to me, but I never took it any further. Many years later, I revisited the concept. The time was right to flesh out the dark Gothic tale. Before I knew it, Melissa Solange sprang to life and I was delighted with the story she told. If you’ve ever had a passion so strong that it consumes you, you’ll identify with her drive to become a ballerina.

Melissa Solange is presented the chance of a lifetime. Chosen as a member of a new dance company, she works tirelessly perfecting the one element of ballet she’s never mastered—the adagio. As she rehearses, a dark force watches. Resurrected by the surprise addition of a classic ballet to the repertoire, the sinister work is thought to be cursed—destroying anyone who attempts to dance it. When the production’s lead dancers begin to disappear, the old warning is taken more seriously. A death worshipping cult called The Innocents is blamed, but she is not so sure. They may be the scapegoat for an ultimate evil living in the woods of Holybrook. Desperate for an answer, she searches for what lurks in the shadows of the old trees before she becomes the next victim of the Danse Macabre.

What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
Okay, that’s tough. I love both vampires and werewolves. I’d have to say many more successful treatments have been done featuring vampires, but I love the whole vibe of someone morphing into a wolf. I mean, who doesn’t want to sit down and howl at the moon?

As to why I’m attracted to both, well, they do have some things in common. For one, they’re both creatures of the night. Their true identity is hidden away, and they both live by feeding off the human herd. They’re both hedonistic, possess extraordinary strength, and could live forever if it weren’t for one weakness that makes them fragile. There’s also a certain freedom found in the transformation. It seems to boil down to exchanging a sense of mercy and compassion for bestiality. I think it’s there that the two separate. The vampire is more merciless whereas the werewolf, in human form, regrets what it’s done while under the spell of that full moon.

If you could live in any paranormal book what book and character would you choose?
Absolutely Lucy Muir in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.. While I fell in love with the movie, the story is what I did it. It’s so romantic and has a happy ending … which my stories tend not to have. The house, the hunky ghost, the idea that love can be eternal, I loved everything about it.

Can you share information with us any projects that you are currently working on?
I finished a paranormal mystery. It hasn’t been edited so there’s not too much to say since I tend not to like to talk about things until they’re finished. I do have my fingers crossed on this one. It has gotten some nice feedback from beta readers.  All I’ll say is that it’s about a detective that delves into the supernatural in order to solve a murder.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about writers in general?
That we’re controlling things. Writing is more about losing yourself in the story than exerting your opinions. When we do it right, readers believe that the things said are our opinions, but they’re not. The truth is that I would call the police on most of my evil characters and have them locked up long before things got out of hand. I’d never let things get so far, but in writing, we let things go until they reach a natural conclusion. In other words, authors are actually glorified court reporters. Our characters tell their stories through us and it is a sacred obligation to get it all down.

The plus side of that is that authors do get to visit the world they’ve created. We’re silent witnesses to our character’s lives and I’ve developed a strong affection for many of the unique personalities that live on the pages of my books.

If you could change something within the author/reader community what would you change and why?
I suppose I’d make it easier to for readers to find a favorite author. It’s why I host giveaways such as HALLOWEENPALOOZA and participate in events such as this. Authors are constantly in search of their audience and readers are constantly in search of good books. It’s a win-win when the two finally connect.

Who is your biggest supporter?
I’ve met a few readers along the way who have been invaluable. They’ve been very generous with reading my work and gracious in passing along feedback. I truly appreciate that they took a chance on a new author and discovered what I write worthy of their time. It’s an unbelievably great feeling when that happens.

Of all the books that you have written are any of them based on real life experiences?
The one that comes closest to matching that criteria is BLACK ADAGIO. Since I studied ballet, it’s something I know a little about. I fully understand the passion and obsession with wanting to dance more than eating, sleeping, or even breathing. However, the rest of the story, including the characters, is all fiction. I don’t actually know about a cult living in the woods of Holybrook … wherever that is. &#X1f60a

What advice would you give to new authors that are just starting out?
I would tell them to write. You have to write to get better at writing. It’s the way it works. So if you get an opportunity to do a guest blog, do it. If you get an idea for a short story, but you don’t usually write shorts, sit down and write it. Not everything will be to your liking, but you have to develop that writing muscle. If you do exercise it regularly, you’ll find things coming a little easier and you’ll improve. That’s what it’s about. Perfecting the craft so you can tell a tale that will leave readers breathless.

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