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Aug 23, 2014

FangTastic Festival Event On Facebook – Join the Fun

Do you enjoy reading paranormal books including vampires, werewolves and shape shifters? If so make sure to join us August 26th – August 30th as we host an online Facebook event! Click HERE to check out the amazing lineup that we have for various authors who write about those with either fangs, claws or both. Whether you are looking to meet new authors, add new books to your TBR list or to play for the amazing prizes that will be up for grabs you won’t want to miss out on this!!!

Jul 16, 2014

Upcoming Event – FangTastic Festival

unnamedI have an event coming up which will be known as FangTastic Festival. This event will be mid-August and will have several author takeovers that will join the event. We will also be launching the sale of our new calendar and product lines! The pictures of many of the models turned out really well. Keep checking back for exact dates! Make sure to visit us on

In additon to the models we also have an author spot light which will be done by P Mattern which is the author of the Full Moon Series and more recently a companion novel which is known as BYRON CHANCE:THE DARKLY EROTIC LIFE OF A DHAMPIR: A Full Moon Series Companion novel so click below to get your copy today:

Feb 19, 2014

Vampire Forums Models

We have decided to expand into a new territory and now wil be working with exclusive models. Currently we have signed two and working on more. I am working as quickly as possible to get everyone processed that I believe will be a good fit for what stands for and hope to get the world out about these beautiful models. We are accepting applications for both male and female models that will be used for apparel as well as their own content for our website and our page.  Keep checking back for more updates or if you would like to apply to be a model please email us at

Check out the models page by clicking HERE!

Jul 13, 2013

Be A Part of Vampire Forums With Your Own Merchandise

We have decided to offer merchandise for sale. If you are a fan of show the love buy purchasing today. This helps to keep the giveaway costs under control and to help to fund more projects in the future that will benefit all of our viewers in the future. You can check out what we currently have for sale by clicking HERE. Thank You!

Jul 3, 2013

T-Shirt Designs

Hi there we have been working on the T-shirt designs for awhile now and have the first completed versions that we are happy with. We have others in the works and will post those as they are completed as well. These T-shirts will be used for giveaways as well as being available for sale on our website. We will be adding new products as well in the coming months! We hope that you like our designs!

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Jun 20, 2013

Facebook Like Contest – Book Giveaway

Recently we did an amazing interview with Erica Stevens & Rachel Caine with a pending interview with a few other amazing authors. Since creating our Facebook page we have had amazing results but would like to keep it growing. If you would like to have your chance to win a signed copy by one of these creative authors help us get to 500 likes. The first to be given away will be Erica Stevens so in order to be considered simply like our Facebook Page and share to help us get to 500 likes. Once that happens we will begin holding regular giveaways including T-shirts, books and much much more.

Jun 16, 2013

Vampire Facebook Page, New Author Interviews

We have recently opened our Facebook Page and have over 60 likes so far which is great. We have daily movie trivia games, random vampire images as well as many other fun things planned for the future. We are currently working on an interview with new author, Erica Stevens, which has written several book series out including The Kindred Series, The Captive Series and The Ravening Series and the Survivor Chronicles. She has agreed to do an interview so she will be our spotlight of new Author Interviews coming soon. We are excited about all of the important changes that are going on with us here at If you would like to be a part of the fun click HERE to visit our Facebook page or head on over to our new forums and introduce yourself. Keep checking back for updates.

Jun 14, 2013

New Day

So it’s 5:24 am and I am still working on the site. I am currently working on the forums and hope to have it live by Friday! Obviously the forum is live but doesn’t have a ton of content on it yet. We are also adding new pages to the site so please bare with us as we make the needed changes and get the content ready. Keep checking back as we complete things and we will be holding a contest to help get things going for Vampire Forums! We look forward to meeting some of our readers in the future so make sure to signup for the forum and say hello!

Jun 12, 2013

Things are well under way

We put in a full night of work on the site and now we are working on getting things going with the forum. As with any new website it takes time and energy in to making the website what you dream of. Well with Vampire Forums we are working hard to ensure that all of our viewers have lots of things to keep them busy and to bring you back for when you need a bit of Vampire Chat. We are currently working on setting up the forums which we hope can be used within the next week or so. At any time in the future if there is an area or category that you would like added to the website please do not hesitate to post in the forum area or to email us directly for quicker response. We welcome suggestions and appreciate the fact that we can do something to put a smile on the face of all of those vampire fanatics out there. Also we are going to be holding a contest in the near future to help with the launch so make sure to check that out. With 2013 also comes various new Vampire movies and TV shows such as the return of True Blood so make sure to check out the reviews for that.

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Apr 29, 2013


Hello and welcome to our site. Here at we know just how many of you share our interests and passion for everything Vampire which is why we have worked hard to bring you only the best selection of vampire movies, vampire books, series, games and much more. Make sure to check out our Forum section so you can discuss and chat with other vampire enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy reading, watching a movie or just love what the common vampire has to offer you will love our site. We are fairly new so please bear with us as we make changes and add new things each week. Once we get setup we will be having a few contests which will give you the chance to win movies, games, T-shirts and much more so keep checking back. We hope you enjoy for visit and don’t forget to bookmark us!

VF Staff


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