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Jan 13, 2014

New Vampire TV Show – From Dusk Til Dawn

11What better birthday present than a new vampire TV show which is set to air March 11th at 9pm on the El Rey channel. If you loved the From Dusk Til Dawn movies then you will definitely want to catch out the TV show when it hits which has an impressive lineup for stars including but not limited to D.J. Cotrona as Seth and Zane Holtz as Richie, who are on the run from police and will face off against the blood sucking vamps along the way. I cannot wait to watch this : ) – Will you be tuning in for it?

Oct 13, 2013

The Originals – TV Show

OrigianlsHi all I know it has been a bit since I have updated the page and really hope to get back into doing this regularly. So we have had two shows being aired of the spin off of Vampire Diaries – The Originals which follows Klaus on his journey to overthrow Marcel and reclaim his rightful place as the ruler of New Orleans. As you know one of the biggest shockers setup for this series was the fact that a new baby is to be born bringing an unknown fate for the hybrid, vampire and werewolf world. The entire town is divided with witches, vampires, werewolves and of course the Originals waiting to see who will rule in the end. What is the young secret weapon that Marcel holds and will she be able to take down the Originals? She was able to erase the mind of Rebekkah which has never been done before. How was she able to do that and what kind of powers does she possess? I look forward to watching the next episode. What do you think of the show thus far?

Aug 20, 2013

True Blood Season Finale – What Just Happened?

tb-600-1376913414So it has now been two days since the Season finale of True Blood aired and the various changes that took place in the course of less than an hour was somewhat astounding to say the lease. So let’s take this bit by bit! Here we were all rooting for Warlow the mysterious fairy vampire that had shown a caring and loving side for Sookie. For once she was going to truly have someone love her and want to be with her for the right reasons. NOT! Exactly! So apparently Warlow is yet another psycho wanting to rip her clothes off and possess her body : ) – Would you like to weigh in on your thoughts on Warlow? Where you for him and her? Did you think that she would have become one of the undead for him?
Alcide Herveaux? Yep Sookie is now with the wolf of the pack : ) – How do you feel about this? Oh and of course Bill was there to offer his protection. How do you think that will play out? Who do you see in store for Sookie in the new season?

Which brings me to my next set of questions for the way things ended with the ravishing new beasts that are approaching them? Do you think that the town will be overtaken by the blood thirsty that is infected? Will the sheriff and his magical daughter be safe in the hands of the feisty show favorite, Jessica? Will she be able to contain herself and not go for the throat of the last living fairy daughter that the sheriff has?
What is up with Jason? For 178 days he has licked this vampire with little to nothing in return? However, will he make it if she doesn’t bend and give in? Is this good for the sex craved puppy Jason Stackhouse? What do you think of his new owner? Do you think Jason will become a vampire at one point or another?

Tara has had mama drama through the entire running of the show and now she suddenly has mommy wanting to feed her. What are your thoughts on this? I have this odd feeling that her mom was actually infected and that she feels as though her daughter would be better off dead which is why she would want to infect her! Harsh? Yea I know but I need a conspiracy theory right? : )

Then you have the whole Eric thing which leaves us to determine if he burst into flames and will be dearly missed on the new season or if by some amazing happening that he somehow manages to escape to a nearby hole or cave protecting that hot vanilla vampire body and his glorious goods which were definitely exposed.

So recap? Sookie is with Alcide. Bill offers his protection to Sookie. Jason is basically owned by one of the newer vampires on the block which may just someday have it out with Jessica (which I foresee in the future). Jessica has offered her protection to the sheriff and his daughter. Tara and her momma drama say it all. Warlow is dead. Eric sweet Eric where oh where will you end up? Crazed vampires are coming so who will be safe? We can only wait and see how this unfolds into the new season!






What are your thoughts on how the season ended? I want to hear from you so post your comments directly below : )

Aug 5, 2013

True Blood 8/4

True-Blood-JessicaSo did you watch True Blood last night? What do you think of the new sexual relationship that Jessica is having with the new vamp in their camp? Oh and what about Sookie Stackhouse? Has she gone crazy? Will she become a vampire? I can’t wait to see what happens but I am also confused by what Eric Northman did. Why did he bite Andy’s fairy daughter and then hurt Warlow? What about the 2 million dollar life insurance policy on Terry? Then there is the whole pregnancy scent thing~ Ugh – They could save the entire camp correct? Oh the theories that is running through my head right now! I look forward to next week to see what happens with everything.

Jun 29, 2013

Upcoming Vampire TV Shows & Movies

best-new-vampire-movies-tv-series-2013-4-the-originalsFor all of the Vampire Diaries fans out there the spin off series “Originals” will soon be making their debut later on this year in October. The show will feature the original vampires including Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Sophie, Camille, Marcel and Diego are just a few of the many characters that we will see as the series progresses. This is a must see and we are sure that the mischief that Klaus has caused over the years will eventually catch up to him as he attempts to take back over the city and control from Marcel. How is it possible that a vampire can impregnate someone and what will baby Klaus be like? Oh wait, he isn’t just any ordinary vampire but a hybrid. What does this mean for the future vampires? We will just have to wait and see. The show will be shown on Tuesdays directly before Super Natural.  Make sure to add it to your calenders because I know that everyone at is exciting to see how things pan out for Klaus and his family.


bram stokers dracula tv seriesAnother upcoming Vampire TV Show is the Bram Stokers: Dracula. Dracula will pose as an American entrepreneur that wants to help introduce modern science to the beautiful Victorian England. In reality, he wants revenge on the many individuals that caused him some kind of pain or hardship centuries earlier. Everything is working out just the way he plans until he falls madly in love with a female that appears to be his wife reincarnated even though she has been dead for years. This show stars Jessica De Gouw, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Thomas Kretschmann and Oliver Jackson-Cohen which will hit the TV later on this year. If you are a fan of the original Bram Stokers: Dracula then this TV show is a must see. NBC is definitely doing it right by adding what is said to be a great show to the lineup. We will be doing weekly reviews once the show starts.


byzantium-12Now for those movie buffs there are a few new vampire movies that will be making their debut in the near future including Byzantium which is set to June28th. This movie follows two young women that are seeking refuge in a run-down coastal resort. Eleanor and Clara befriend Frank and Noel in hopes of finding shelter that will keep them safe from the trouble that is following them. The girls fail to mention to the 2 guys is that they are actually over 200 years old and that their past is now catching up with them and with it will bring deathly consequences. Starring Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Daniel Mays and Caleb Landry Jones and s, this thriller of mystical forces, romance and age old trouble is sure to be another vampire classic. We are definitely excited to see the movie and will be adding our thoughts of course once we watch it.


Only Lovers Left Alive is another upcoming vampire movie that is set to be released in December of this year. The movie follows 2 century old lovers that tend to fall back into love after neither of their lives seem to be going anywhere so if you are looking for a vampire romantic movie this Russian movie may be just what you are looking for.

Jun 13, 2013

True Blood Real Life Couple Reveal Twin Names

For True Blood fans many were overjoyed that this HBO sexy Vampire TV show has returned for another season but may not know that two of the biggest stars in the show are a real life couple. Yes you read that right Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) are real life sweethearts and recently let the secret names of not one but two bundle of joys that they had kept hidden for almost ten months. The baby’s names are Poppy and Charlie which was revealed by Moyer during a chat with E! News which is not really what many of us were expecting. So what do you think of the twins names? Send us an email with your thoughts.

Jun 13, 2013

True Blood Returns

So all of those True Blood fans its been a few days since the new True Blood started back. What did you think of the first episode in the new season. Was it everything you thought it would be? Have any thoughts on what you think this season will hold? What surprises await? I won’t go in to details on what happened just in case someone has yet to watch it but make sure to check out the next episode on HBO! By the way did you know that the serious True Blood actually got its plot from the series The Southern Vampire Mysteries, written by Charlaine Harris? If you have yet to read the book check out our pages for other movies and TV shows that have started out as books you might be surprised by the list! Tune in for the upcoming True Blood!

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