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Mar 5, 2016

Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash Author Interview – Stephanie Summers

stephanieHere is my author interview with the talented author Stephanie Summers for the Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash – day one which is featuring vampire authors. She is the author of The Willow Creek Vampire Series so make sure to check it out. Craving is the first book in the series and will keep you hooked!

How long have you been a fan of vampires and do you have a favorite from the movies or books?
Since I was around 11 years old or so. I blame Interview with the Vampire (both the movie and the book) for my vampire obsession.

How many books do you currently have on the market that have a vampire in them?
I have three full-length novels and two short stories. They all take place within my Willow Creek Vamps Series.

What inspired you to write your first vampire book and what can readers expect to find once they read it?
I’ve always been fascinated with vampires, so it seemed like a good genre to explore. I think readers can find some of the things they love about vampires but with a fresh spin on them.

If vampires really existed and you could choose to become one but had to leave the life as you currently know it behind would you do it yes or no and why?
My instinct is to say hell yes! But realistically, probably not. I don’t really want to leave my kids or my husband behind.

Would you say that vampires are your favorite paranormal being and why or why not?
Absolutely! What’s not to love about them?

If your vampire book(s) were to be turned into a movie and you could choose who would play the role as one of your leading vamps who would you choose and what role is it that they would play?
I’ve thought about this so many times that it’s hard to pinpoint just one actor per character. One of the actors I keep going back to in my mind is Sebastian Stan. I think he’d make a good Remy, especially with his hair a little longer like it is in The Winter Soldier. Another actor I’d like for Remy is Michael Malarkey. He’s got the accent down and he plays a vampire with a similar personality on The Vampire Diaries.

When it comes to vampires do you prefer yours as many of the old legends and myths speak of them or how TV has changed them over the years?
I like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’m not really picky when it comes to vampires. I do prefer Dracula’s rules over the rest though.

Are there any specific vampire authors that you enjoy reading that have made your favorites list?
Anne Rice. Beth Mikell has a couple of vamp books that I love. I really enjoyed Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries, too.

When it comes to your own vampire books what is one thing that you do to ensure that they are unique and will stand out against other books within the same genre?
I just do my own thing and don’t worry about whether or not someone else has done it. I write what the characters tell me to write, and most of the time they don’t steer me in the wrong direction. I try not to read other vampire books when I’m writing my vamps so I’m not subconsciously influenced.

Any big plans or projects planned for 2016 that you would like to share with us?
I have a manuscript in the works that’s kind of different than most of what I’ve seen. It involves a couple different species of the undead variety, and I’m hoping to get it released this year. The fourth book in my Willow Creek Vamps is always brewing as well. Not sure on the release date there, but I’m hoping this year or early next year for it.

Feb 17, 2016

It’s Your Time To Shine One Book at a Time Author Interview – Stephanie Summers

stephanieHere is my author interview with Stephanie Summers as part of the It’s Your Time To Shine Event. This talented author has currently has several books which most are part of a series. One of my favorite series by Stephanie is the Willow Creek Vampire Series. This particular series currently includes Craving, Haunting, Awakening, The Bludworth Chronicles: Origin: A short companion story to The Willow Creek Vampires Series and The Bludworth Chronicles: Bloodlust: A short companion story to The Willow Creek Vampires Series which will be released soon. Other books by her include Take Me Home and Take Me On which is part of her Take Me Duet Book Series.

What is one thing that you hope to improve upon as far as your writing career is concerned?
I’d really like to improve the speed at which I complete manuscripts. I get sucked into social media too easily sometimes, and I know if I stayed focused, I could release more books. I also get distracted easily and jump around from story to story sometimes. There again, if I stayed focused, it’d be much better for my career.

If you could choose to have dinner with any author past or present that you have never met who would you choose and why?
Anne Rice, hands down. Her Vampire Chronicles are what sparked my love for vampires and reading. Without them, I don’t know that I’d be writing today.

What genres do you write in and what is your favorite to read?
I write paranormal romance and contemporary romance. My favorite to read is paranormal romance.

What is one genre that you think you would have a hard time writing in and why?
Probably historical romance. My eyes go crossed when I try and research things that have happened in history, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be as accurate as I would want it to be, so I stay away, with the exception of a scene or short story here or there that complements the story I’m writing.

What is one tool that you think more authors should utilize more often?
That’s a tough one, but I think a lot of authors don’t utilize newsletters as well as they could. I speak from experience on this one. I published two years ago and didn’t really do much to build my list. I just sort of made my sign up link available here and there. My list grew but not very fast. I only started in the last several months actively working to build it, and it’s come along pretty well. It’s free advertising. Every person on that list has the potential to see what’s going on with you and your books. Even if a small percentage of a huge list actually opens your newsletter it still ends up being a lot of people keeping up-to-date with your work, and that’s a good thing.

If you had to choose to be a character in your own book who would you choose and why?
Probably Sabine from Willow Creek Vamps. She gets to be with Remy. Enough said. lol

Do you think that writing challenges you in general or do you think it often flows naturally with little to no writers block?
I don’t really deal with writer’s block often. Usually if I get stuck, I disconnect from it for a while. I’ll have a break through when I’m doing something mundane, like driving, so I don’t stress too much. I let the words flow when they’re ready, and I don’t try to force them.

Aside from writing what are some other things that you enjoy doing as time allows?
I like to read. I also like to just listen to music when I get a chance to listen uninterrupted, which with two kids, doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Most of the things I listen to maybe aren’t so good for young ears.

What is one thing most of your readers might be surprised to learn about you?
Probably that I suffer from depression and anxiety and have for most of my life. I try not to show that side of myself when interacting with people on social media. It’s been a tough thing to overcome, especially the social anxiety, when attending book signing events. It’s kind of forced me to step out of my comfort zone and confront it head on.

Do you think that any specific book genres get let attention than it should and if so which ones?
I don’t really know, honestly. I think every genre has its own market of die-hard readers. And trends change all the time. What’s popular today, won’t be tomorrow. Most genres eventually get their time to shine. It’s one of the best reasons I can think of to write what you want to write instead of what you think you should write.

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