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Nov 19, 2016

Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Author Interview – Teresa Gabelman

teresaHere is my author interview with the talented Teresa Gabelman for the Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Event. We will be featuring her book Sloan which is the latest release in her amazing Protector Series all about sexy vampire warriors and their mates.

What originally inspired you to write about vampires in general?
I always had a fascination with vampires when I was young because my brother made me watch Dracula.

Are you currently working on any new projects that you would like to share with us?
I am working on Blaze, the 10th in the Protectors Series. After that I will be working on the 2nd in the Lee County Wolves and then possibly doing a second follow-up to the Enforcer that is in the Taming The Vampire Box Set.

What was your most recent release and what would you like readers to know about it?
My recent release was Sloan, the 9th in the Protectors Series. It was the most asked for book other than Slade and I hope I did a good job for the readers.

Do you have a newsletter that you would like readers to sign up for?
Yes, I do. If you go to my website at you can sign up there for my newsletter.

How many books do you currently have available that include vampires and how would you describe your writing style in 3 words?
I have a total of….14 books…I think. HA! I’ve lost count. That’s a hard question about my writing style. I’ve been told I write like I’m sitting in front of you reading the story. Some have said my writing style puts the reader right there with the characters. I hope that’s true because that’s the way I want to write. 🙂

Are you a fan of any specific vampire shows or movies?
I love the old Dracula movies and The Lost Boys is freaking awesome!

How do you think vampires from decades ago fair against those that we see in modern media?
I think Dracula from long ago would get his ass kick! HA!

Is there anything that you would like to see change within the book community?
Yes! I would like to see less drama, which I say far away from. We as readers/authors are in this together. I cross promote with some awesome authors and there is no jealously. We help each other. There are so many readers in this big world, enough to go around.

If you could co-write a vampire book with any other author who would you choose and why?
Sherrilyn Kenyon because she brought Archeron to life….nuff said. 😉

Is there any authors out there that you think helped to inspire the author that you are today?
Any author who helps another author or reaches out to readers inspires me.

Sep 28, 2016

Sloan New Release by Teresa Gabelman

51mgkhjf3mlHave you been following The Protectors Series by Teresa Gabelman? If so you know by now this is one of the hottest vampire series available on the shelves. Things just got hotter with her latest release – Sloan! Yes you read that right the boss man just got his own story and as an early reader let me tell you this may be her best book yet. SO MUCH I CAN’T HANDLE IT! So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!


Not only does VC leader, Sloan Murphy, have to keep the peace between the human and vampire race, but he also wrangles VC Warriors in his spare time. It’s a job that could drive a saint insane, and Sloan is no saint, but insane he may be. While his Warriors find mates, he swears he will not follow in their footsteps.

Becky Spencer, his new secretary who he reluctantly employs, is set to threaten every stoic promise he’s made. With an instant attraction that is hard to deny, she fits into his world with confident ease.

Even though Becky has sworn off men after her nasty divorce, she can’t help the desire the sexy and serious Sloan Murphy stirs in her. It isn’t until she sees how devoted he is to his job and the Warriors under his command, that her lusty feelings turn into more. Working in close quarters, they both fight the pull that grows with each passing minute.

Who will win, the secretary, the Warrior, or an attraction that just won’t go away? Grab your copy of Sloan today!

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