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Jan 30, 2016

New Author Interview – Rachel Caine

authorHere is the anxiously awaited new author interview with the talented and amazing author – Rachel Caine. In 2013, I had the pleasure of doing my first interview with her and was just diving into the Morganville Vampire Series. Now nearly 3 years later I wanted to check back in and see how this amazing author was doing and to highlight some of her new stuff. For anyone that would like to check out the original interview can do so HERE! If you have yet to read this series you are in for a shockingly pleasurable surprise and it all starts with book one – Glass Houses.

So the last time that we interviewed you was in June, 2013 so what has changed since then in your life as an amazing author?
It seems like every year has a whole new set of amazing new adventures (and challenges) … I think in 2013 I was winding down toward the planned end of the Morganville series (15 books!), and starting what I was doing next. Which proved to be a book called PRINCE OF SHADOWS, a huge departure from the horror/comedy of Morganville. I’m very proud of Prince of Shadows–it’s a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but also an alternate viewpoint book (from Benvolio’s point of view, Romeo’s cousin in play). It’s set in Shakespeare’s Verona, and I did my very best to reproduce the storytelling style of the original while also telling the story in an entirely new way. That came out in early 2014.

After that, I started a new series called The Great Library. The first book, INK AND BONE, came out in mid-2015, and the newest, PAPER AND FIRE, comes out this summer 2016. It’s about a world where the Great Library of Alexandria never burned … but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Much more going on, of course. A ton of short fiction! A Kickstarted web series for Morganville that starred Amber Benson from Buffy and Robert Picardo from Star Trek: Voyager! So much more! It’s exciting times, and I currently have three new projects in the works as well.

How many books do you see in the near future for The Morganville Vampires?
Funny you should ask that! I have a short story collection, MIDNIGHT BITES, coming out in March 2016 (and will be touring in the UK for it, too). Apart from that, I’ve got some ideas on the stove for more Morganville, but they’re still cooking. It’s definitely going to live on. I love it to much to just walk away.

Now that the web TV series is a reality how surreal does it feel to see your characters come alive and do you think the portrayed the roles well?
It was amazing, honestly–the actors came to it fresh, though they all read at least the first two books, and they had such enthusiasm and insight. I loved what Amber (Ms. Benson) did with Amelie–she gave her all the scary gravity, and flashes of unexpected humanity, too. Bob (Mr. Picardo) gave Oliver a real, wonderful presence that just enchanted me. And the Glass House Gang were note perfect. Loved what Afomia Hailemeskel did with Monica, too. I couldn’t be happier. I know not everybody will feel that way–visual media is notorious for not pleasing everyone, or even a majority of fans. But I loved it.

The only reason I haven’t gone on to Season 2 yet is logistics, time and money. It eats a solid half a year of my life fundraising, and another half doing the show. So … I’m unfortunately very busy, and it’s become a secondary concern at the moment. Books have to come first.

If you had to choose a favorite character from The Morganville Vampires who would you choose and why?
It’s always a tie between Shane and Myrnin, for entirely different reasons. Shane’s someone I figured out the moment I started writing him, but he’s just endlessly fun to spend time with. Meanwhile, Myrnin constantly surprises me! I love that about him.

It’s obvious that readers often swoon over some of the sexy characters within the story so who do you think most would side with Team Michael or Team Shane?
I hate to choose sides! Can I be Team Eve instead? Team Myrnin? Team Oliver? Heh.

Obviously many have wondered if Claire would ever be turned into a vampire being that she has a history with the founder and Myrin – so is there hope in that ever happening?
I don’t see it. I don’t think that’s Claire’s nature, or her interest. She appreciates the vampires for what they are, but she doesn’t have that selfish streak that it would take to stay alive … Michael does, just barely, but then, he’s an artist. We’re all selfish. 😉 I think Claire’s perfectly content with her human existence, and all the benefits it has. For all their charm, vampires are stuck in place.

I know that throughout the series we have seen various family members from the Glass side so I am curious if we will learn more about his parents, or the spirit that resided within the house itself any time in the near future?
I intended to, and in future books I will definitely explore that.

Shifting gears just a bit I want to know what you think one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about writers in general – indie or traditionally published?
I think we’re looking at a future where all writers will move freely between those states. For some projects, the audience will be smaller, more indie-friendly. For big ideas, you need traditional publishing to give it a big launch. But I don’t think you have to pick a side anymore.

Looking back from when you first started writing The Morganville Vampires until now what is one thing that you have learned about the process and about yourself in general?
The biggest thing was that I learned I could write so much, so fast, and have so much fun. A book every six months is challenging (plus, I was writing adult fiction too). And if you’d have asked me before I started that, I’d have sworn it was impossible … but I did it. So there’s that!

Last question – Will we see any kind of spin-offs from this series and at what point would you recommend readers dive into the Midnight Bites: Stories of the Morganville Vampires minis that you wrote?
Yes to both! I’m planning on another series of books. Remains to be seen how we’ll go about it, but more on that will be coming soon. And yes to the short stories, too: the collection not only has all of the stories that have come out in all kinds of hidden spots (different countries, different anthologies, hidden web stories, etc.) but six new ones that are quite long. Those would take up half a regular sized book by themselves, and I think people will be pleased with them.

Jun 23, 2013

Autographed Rachel Caine – Glass Houses – Book 1 of the Morganville Vampires Series

So Saturday I saw a package sitting on my front step and was thrilled by what I found inside. We received our autographed book by the lovely and talented author Rachel Caine. She generously sent us the first book in the series which is autographed by her to use for upcoming giveaways. If you are a fan and would like to have your chance of winning this book or other autographed books by Vampire authors visit our Facebook page, like the page and share it with families and friends to help us increase our likes. That’s it you will be eligible for future contests.

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Jun 16, 2013

Interview With Rachel Caine – Morganville Vampires

We have had quite a busy day and productive as well. We were very excited to do an interview with Erica Stevens and just a few short hours later we were lucky enough to get a YES from the wonderful Rachel Caine as well. We sent over our list of questions and she had it back to us in just a couple of hours. Thank you Rachel for the great interview. She is the well known and respected author of the Morganville Vampire series. To read the  interview with her click HERE.

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