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Jan 21, 2016

Paranormal Author Takeover Interview – Louann Caroll

louannHere is the interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Louann Carroll for the VF Presents Paranormal Author Takeover Event. Thank you Louann for doing the interview with me.

What made you choose to write in the paranormal genre?
I like to write my own adventures and sometimes they include things that are not of this world. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, because they certainly do for me, but in the outer banks of reality my characters come alive in some pretty remarkable ways. I find the genre fun and I even throw in some horror and science fiction to make the journey more exciting.

How many books do you currently have available in the paranormal genre and what are the titles?
Currently two are available. A Shadow of Time and Innocent Blood, but there are many more coming soon.

What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
Fairies because they have led me on one hell of a ride. Many think the realm of the fays is mythical,  however I have it on good authority they are quite real.

If you could live in any paranormal book what book and character would you choose?
The book is Gemini Rising and Kate Kelly is the main character. I realize I wrote the book and am waiting on the second edition of book one to come out, but I wrote the novel because I couldn’t find a anything like it. Everyone talks about the end of the world and I wanted to discover what I would do if something like the end happened.So I wrote Gemini Rising, book one of three and it satisfied the need inside me.

Can you share information with us any projects that you are currently working on?
My current WIP is The Foundlings of Nirvana. It’s self-pubbed–my first you know–and then after that re-editing the Gemini series.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about writers in general?
That it is easy to write a book, because it isn’t. Good writers do a ton of research. It takes time, effort, and skill to to find the information you need. Accuracy is paramount. Even when it comes to other dimensions. You have to have some grasp of the English language and punctuation. No editor is going to want to redo your entire book. Although, admittedly, I have put some editors though some rough patches. It is an ongoing learning process and every editor is different.

If you could change something within the author/reader community what would you change and why?
Encourage readers to write reviews. Even bad reviews are helpful. I try to review every book I read because it is so important. In addition, I would love to interact more with readers. Send me an e-mail. Follow me on Twitter. Share your ideas and your love and or hate of my characters. I enjoy hearing from you!

Who is your biggest supporter?
Spiritually it is a still small voice. Just the other day when I was working on Foundlings and found myself outside my comfort zone, this voice said, don’t be afraid. I am with you.

That does not mean you can call the guys in the white coats to take me away. However it is something that has been with me all my life and is an important contributor to which path I take.

My most important human supporter was my mother-in-law, Audrey Carroll O’Brien. She passed away last July and I miss her. I never had a conversation with her that she didn’t give me approval and feedback on my latest venture. I can honestly say, without a doubt, she was my greatest supporter.

Of all the books that you have written are any of them based on real life experiences?
Yes and no. I use my emotions to color my characters and universes. I even use some real life experiences and challenges in my novels to see how my characters will react. I have used life themes as a backdrop, but none of my books are completely based upon my life.

What advice would you give to new authors that are just starting out?
Read, read, read. Then read some more. Take an English class, start feeling life around you. Now-a-days they call it mindfulness. I call it situational awareness. Just stop, look, and listen to life and use it in your manuscripts. Get to know your characters.

An example of knowing your characters:

In Gemini Rising, after Kate was thrust back into an inhospitable world, Kate and her son went looking for supplies. After finding a half-standing K-Mart they were so excited to find canned food they forgot to pack toilet paper. Imagine, being stuck on the underside of a broken world with no bathroom and no toilet paper. Let me tell you, you can do without the bathrooms but you’re going to need the toilet paper.

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