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Jun 20, 2016

Author Interview – Elaine Barris

51lMy8wVK2L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Here is my author interview with the wonderful and talented Elaine Barris. I had the pleasure of coming across her when she first started writing her Master For Tonight Book Series and fell in love with them. Make sure to check out the first book in her latest release series  Zane to fall in love like I did.

What was your overall inspiration to write in the very beginning of your career? I had always wanted to write, but I was scared to try it. But then a few years ago, I went through a very traumatic thing, and I guess it opened a part of me that had lain dormant. This guy, Julian, started talking to me and telling me his story. He would wake me up at night, interrupt my work, etc… So, I really wasn’t given much of a choice but to write it!

How many vampire books do you currently have out with titles please?
I have five erotic vampire romances published. The Master For Tonight Duet (Master For Tonight I and Master For Tonight II), the companion novel to the duet, Evangeline. I also have a new series, The Flames of Vampire Passion Series. So far I have published Zane, and Zane, The Decrees.

Do you have a favorite vampire book or movie/tv show?
I really don’t watch much tv, but I guess as far as movies it would be Queen of the Damned. I know it gets a bad rap, but I don’t care, I love it.

If vampires were to really exist and you had the option to become immortal would you do so yes or no and why?
I would say yes to becoming a vampire. Just imagine everything you would experience over the many years. Everything you would see. I think it would be worth it. Plus, I’d make my sweetie a vamp, and then we would be together always.

What do you find to be the most challenging thing about being an author?
Marketing is the hardest part. Writing the book is the easy part.

If you could co-write a brand new vampire book with anyone of you’re choosing who would it be and why?
I don’t think I could co-write a book with someone else.

Are you currently working on any new projects that you would like to share with us?
Yes, I am working on the third book in the Flames of Vampire Passion Series. Still to be named.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions that you think people have about authors in general?
That we’re all loaded from selling books. The majority of authors don’t make enough money from writing to support themselves, much less a family.

If money was no object and you could travel to any place in the world for your dream vacation where would you go and what would you do?
I would take a year long cruise around the world and see it all!

Do you prefer online events or live events and what do you think the pros and cons of each are?
I prefer online events. I’ve done quite a few live events, and it’s a struggle to get attention from the attendees. Most fans going to reader event are going to see a specific author that they love rather than looking for “new to them” authors. Cons of online events are the usual: Facebook being wonky, nobody showing up to interact with you, etc…

Jun 11, 2015

Elaine Barris – Then & Now Interview

elaineIn June 2013, I first launched VampireForums and the Vampire Forums Facebook Page there was only a handful of authors that I interviewed/reviewed in the beginning with Elaine Barris being one of them. Because of that I wanted to do a new interview that shows where she was then and where she is now. I have chosen Elaine Barris for the Make Me Blush Award. Her Master for Tonight Series was one of the first I had ever read that had even a hint of naughtiness in it and I was hooked. She is an amazing author and I hope that you enjoy the interview and the takeover that she is doing today during the event.

How many books had you released in 2013 and what have you released since then?
I have released two books:  Master For Tonight, and Master For Tonight II. I will be releasing a companion novel to the duet later this summer.

What one thing do you think has changed about the type of writer that you are over the last two years?
I think my writing has gotten tighter. Hopefully, better. That’s for the reader to decide though.

If you could go back and give yourself a single piece of advice two years ago from present day what would it be and why?
Stop stressing. I still struggle with it. Ha!

What has been one major milestone in your writing career that you have reached that you would like to share with us?  
I hit top 15 in Paranormal on Amazon for 5 days straight.

Do you think that the services and advertising provided by me/VampireForums has benefited you at all over the last two years? Undoubtedly, it has.

To date what is your favorite vampire book that you have written?
My first is my favorite. I’ll never get over Julian.

Have you branched off into any other new genres that you was not writing in 2013?
No, but I’ve thought about it. My True love is and always will be vampires.

Do you have any new releases coming up and if so what are they and genre?
Yes! Evangeline, a companion novel to the Master For Tonight duet will be released later this summer. It’s vampire.  V”””V

Are you currently satisfied at where your writing career stands and do you feel as though you have grown as an author over the last two years?
No, I’m not satisfied. I hope I never am satisfied. I think I’ve grown. I definitely know more now than I did then.

What is one free resource that all authors should take advantage of?
Any social media site. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

Sep 22, 2014

Master For Tonight II Book Review

coverI just finished reading Master for Tonight II by Elaine Barris and once again this author delivered. I originally met this amazing author last year and was lucky enough to read and review book one which hooked me right away. I have been anxiously awaiting book two and found it to be as good if not better than book one. From the beautiful cover to the flawless writing style Elaine gives you a vampire book that has suspense, raw emotions and a touch of naughtiness to complete the perfect read. We was introduced to Julian and Kate in book one where he just had to have her even if it was just for one night. However, after being together they both knew it was meant to be. What happens when the love of his life is taken? This powerful vampire will not stand by and let his love be taken forever. But what can he really do about it and will he be able to save her in time? Will Kate regret ever meeting Julian and allowing him into her home? These are questions that you will have to read the book to find out. I absolutely loved it and once again cannot wait to read more by this author that is destined to hit the best seller list with many of the greats!!! If you have yet to grab your copy or haven’t read either of the books make sure to click the links below to grab your copy!

master for tonight elaine barris

Master For Tonight II (Master For Tonight Duet Book 2)

Dec 18, 2013

Interview With Elaine Barris – Master for Tonight Series

I just completed my interview with Elaine Barris the author of Master for Tonight. She is currently working on the second book in the series which I cannot wait to read. The book was definitely great read! You can check out the full interview with her HERE! Also make sure to check out the book review for the book which can be read HERE!

Dec 12, 2013

Master for Tonight Book Review

indexMaster for Tonight was definitely a book that I had not expected. Reading the summary on the back of the book after receiving it from the author Elaine Barris I was a bit hesitant as I rarely read erotica vampire related books but I was hooked almost immediately. However, this book is definitely not for anyone under 18 and is recommended for those that enjoy a bit of passion and fight in their books. There is adult content and language as well so be warned before going in. Now that we are past that let me say that Julian plays the perfect vampire dominating and strong but has a bit of gentleness to him as well. His beloved Kate was someone that he fell in love with literally from afar and with a couple other main characters coming into play the book definitely is worth the read. I was impressed by how well the words and storyline flowed together bringing in various lifestyle aspects of domination/submissive, human/vampire along with a host of other aspects such as loyalty, generosity, passion, lust and a whole lot more that is going have you addicted to the series within the first few chapters. One thing that I really liked about the book is that while the whole outlook on the book is written with unique creativity it also kept true to some of the traditional basics such as vampires not being able to walk in the sun nor being allowed inside without being invited. For me this book has it all and is a must read. This is my first time reading anything by the talented Elaine Barris and I look forward to seeing what happens in the second book which is due to be released in 2014. I will soon be releasing the interview that I did with her so make sure to get your own copy of the book today by clicking the banner below.

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