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Nov 19, 2016

Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Author Interview – Brian McKinley

brianHere is my author interview with the talented Brian McKinley for the Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Event. We will be featuring his book Drawing Dead so make sure to grab your copy today!

What originally inspired you to write about vampires in general?
Probably role-playing more than anything else, ironically. I got into playing Vampire: The Masquerade and started looking for books that featured vampire protagonists and societies and things like that. Aside from the White Wolf produced books, there wasn’t much and so I started building my own world to make use of various characters I’d created. Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire was also a big source of inspiration.

Are you currently working on any new projects that you would like to share with us?
I’m working on several. I’m nearly finished with the sequel to Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony called Ancient Enemies. I’ve outlined and written a few chapters of a sequel to Drawing Dead: A Faolan O’Connor Novel and I’m working with a friend on a space opera series featuring a futuristic Earth that’s ruled by vampires. I’m kind of vampire-crazy right now, but I do love them!

What was your most recent release and what would you like readers to know about it?
The most recent release was Drawing Dead: A Faolan O’Connor Novel, which takes place in 1930s New York City. It’s the story of a hitman who gets recruited by vampires to help them fight a war against other vampires. It’s action-packed and has a lot of intrigue and period feel, but also a surprising amount of heart.

Do you have a newsletter that you would like readers to sign up or?
Yes! Go to my website: and you’ll see an easy prompt. Just type in your email! I promise I don’t spam you,  just a little update once a month about new stuff.

How many books do you currently have available that include vampires and how would you describe your writing style in 3 words?
Two books available with vampires as well as two short stories. Hmmm…

Gritty paranormal thrillers.

Are you a fan of any specific vampire shows or movies?
I love many movies and shows, but my favorites are: Interview with the Vampire, Lost Boys, Near Dark, Blade II, Being Human, Buffy/Angel, The Originals, and Penny Dreadful.

How do you think vampires from decades ago fair against those that we see in modern media?
It’s been interesting to see the development of the popular vampire, since Lugosi’s Dracula pretty much defined what vampires were in the public consciousness for most of the 20th Century until Anne Rice. Slowly, especially in the 80s, movies and TV started offering more variety in the vampire. They became hip and young again, and noticeably different from the guys in evening clothes we were used to. Nowadays, as more folklore has become available and the interest in vampires grows, we’re seeing an explosion of variety. Almost every author is now free to make their own version of the vampire. All in all, I have to say that I like our vampires better than those of decades past.

Is there anything that you would like to see change within the book community?
I’d really love to see something established that would put quality self-published authors on the same playing field with traditionally published authors. I see a lot of traditionally published books in stores and on Amazon that aren’t any better than self-pubs I’ve read, but the traditonals still get a lot of advantages. There would have to be standards in place, of course, because some self-pubs are still awful, but I want to see a system to elevate books based on quality rather than sales figures.

If you could co-write a vampire book with any other author who would you choose and why?
Stephen King, because that guy can turn out pages like a machine! Not only that, but just having his name on the cover would guarantee it hits the Best Seller list! LOL! That’s me being totally crass and commercial, but honestly, I’d also love to meet King and learn from him.

Is there any authors out there that you think helped to inspire the author that you are today?
Certainly. I mentioned Anne Rice, but also Stephen King because of his style and mastery of characterization. I love Thomas Harris, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dean Koontz.

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