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Nov 19, 2016

Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Author Interview – Harvey McCarthy

harveyHere is my author interview with the talented Harvey McCarthy for the Fang Time! A Vampire Book Blood Fest Event. We will be featuring his book Blood Reign so make sure to grab your copy today!

What originally inspired you to write about vampires in general?
I never had any plans on every writing a vampire novel. In fact, I was working on a completely different story when I had the following conversation with a friend:
“I want you to write me a vampire seductress story,” she stated.
“Um what?” I asked.
“You will write me a vampire seductress story with the vampire named Michelle,” she stated.
“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for,” I retorted.
“I said..”
“Oh alright.”
Therefore, I wrote 2-3 pages in a word document and sent it off to her just to get her to leave me alone about it. Well, she then read it and said, “I want more.” Another blurb later, she asked, “What is the story behind both characters?” Again, to get her to let me write my other story, I wrote some brief parts of what is now Blood Reign.
Ironically, the other work is still in progress.

Are you currently working on any new projects that you would like to share with us?
Well, Darkness Falls is the working title of my second Black Lotus Chronicle. Once finished, it will be submitted to publishers after a re-release Demon Rising: The Black Lotus Chronicles – Volume 1. I was not happy that a draft was released instead of a truly finished version. Lesson learned with my first effort. The Black Lotus is a vigilante character that I created who is based in Denver, CO. Unlike Batman, for example, he resolves his problems with baseball bats and gunfire.
For the vampire lovers in this crowd, there is a planned second volume to Blood Reign.

What was your most recent release and what would you like readers to know about it?
Blood Reign is my latest release. I did lose a little of my writing inspiration due to two major factors: 1) Severe indifference towards my work including supports that I should have and 2) Loss of a close-friend. In the draft of Darkness Falls, there is a hitman based on a friend of mine. He requested to be included in a book. I didn’t tell him that he was there and he passed away unexpectedly when I was about 50% done with it. It has been a struggle to complete the book.
As for Blood Reign, it has been described as a “Fresh take on vampire lore” by one of the reviews that I have received on Amazon. Without giving a lot away, I have tried to create a vampire world that is different from the stories of the past. Flawed heroes, flawed vampires, etc.

Do you have a newsletter that you would like readers to sign up or?
Answer: Currently, everything runs through my author page on Facebook: HERE! Eventually, I will have a twitter account.

How many books do you currently have available that include vampires and how would you describe your writing style in 3 words?
Answer: One currently with more planned. People tell me that I have a knack for it. I think it comes from the lack of “personal investment” as I suffer from with the Black Lotus series. I wrote Blood Reign in six months and it takes me years to finish anything involved with the Black Lotus.
Writing style in 3 words? Researched, cliffhanger, random.
I research everything that I write. It comes from having a B.A. in History. I want it to be accurate especially Blood Reign where it has a history element to it.
Cliffhanger because I want people wanting more.
Random, which seems to contradict research, because I never really know what will inspire me to write. Blood Reign was never even planned or, in fact, a thought as stated above and it became one of the easiest and most inspired works that I have had.

Are you a fan of any specific vampire shows or movies?
Answer: I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, at least for the first three season. Angel was another favorite. Underworld movies are another favorite. Of course, I love the lore behind Dracula and the recent TV series. I wished that it had been picked up by another cable network or Netflix. It was “different” and unfortunately, not mainstream enough for network television. As a historian, I also love the tales throughout history. Being Canadian, I liked Forever Knight too.

How do you think vampires from decades ago fair against those that we see in modern media?
Answer: Interesting question. I believe that they would fair just fine in terms of the storytelling done by those authors. They all adapted extremely well as times changed. Dracula first appeared in 1897 and it was ahead of its time. However, it is still the “gold-standard” of vampire lore today. Compared to many of the “modern vampires,” if we look at this in terms of a fight, I personally believe that they would outlast their opponents. They were more cunning and in many ways defined intelligent evil. It is something that I have tried to explore in my stories.

Is there anything that you would like to see change within the book community?
Answer: I only have an hour here right? I think in society in general that works of musicians, writers, et al, are not free. Too many people spend many months or years working on works of art only to be met with severe indifference or “you want $4 for a book?”
In the community, the sense that we are all in this together. The more people that read books, the better we are as a society in general. It should be “We” instead of “I.” I have a couple author friends who I promote all the time. We, at one time, were all inspired by another writer. Why can’t we encourage others to read all works, not just “mine?”

If you could co-write a vampire book with any other author who would you choose and why?
Answer: I could pick the standard Stephen King or Anne Rice because they are known. Even Josh Whedon who started everything Buffy. However, Rob someone with whom I’d love to work. He turned me into a reader and, from there, made me want to write. He seems to be able to write just about anything and I’d love to what he would do with the vampire world.

Is there any authors out there that you think helped to inspire the author that you are today?
Answer: Rob MacGregor. He could re-write a phone book and I would not be able to put it down. I discovered his work with Indiana Jones and The Peril at Delphi. At the time, I was not a reader. I was sitting at home wanting to do something different and I saw the book on my very empty bookshelf. I picked it up. Not only was the story engaging, his style screamed, “Try putting this book down.” I read it in two days and then I immediately went to the local book store to find more. Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy was a Christmas gift in 1992. It was read in one day. I could not put it down. Each chapter left you hanging. Therefore, I have used his style in my writing. A friend had a copy of Blood Reign sitting on his kitchen table and a neighbor read the back synopsis. She picked it up and said, “I will bring it back when I am done with it.” She came back two days later. “I could not put it down” is what she said.

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