Apr 8, 2014

Blood Justice Book Review

51fcWP82keL._SL1200_When I first started reading Blood Justice I wasn’t sure what to expect due to the description of the book but after getting into it I soon realized this is not a regular vampire book but a story that brings together various aspects including crime, mystery, paranormal beings and humans in a way that I found very fascinating. The story follows main character Justine which lost her beloved daughter after she was brutally gang raped and murdered. She is hell bent on having her revenge and after being saved by Simone Gireaux, a French vampire which holds the key to giving Justine the strength and time needed to hunt down her daughters killers. However, things do not go as planned and with various twists and turns you will quickly be drawn into this amazing book. If you have yet to read Blood Justice, click on the link below to get your copy today.

Blood Justice

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