Jun 25, 2016

A Paranormal Reckoning Author Interview – T.K. Lawyer

tkHere is my author interview with T.K. Lawyer for A Paranormal Reckoning Event. Make sure to check out The Guardian League Series by her which currently includes two books Jasper and Centurion. Grab your copy of these awesome books today!

What is the one thing that you like best about writing and reading paranormal books?
I love having the freedom to create supernatural powers within characters and fantasy worlds that don’t exist, to the extent that I want, creating and destroying at will, twisting characters and plots as the story unfolds.  Reading Paranormal romance is reading an Author’s creativity- it is wonderful when you can get fully immersed in a story and the characters become real to you.

What paranormal creature is your favorite to read about and why?
Dragons. I just like dragons- maybe because I’m part Chinese.  But they are awe-inspiring, large, beautiful creatures and they are one of my favorite shifters to read about.

What is one thing about the paranormal genre that you think stands out from other genres in the book world?
The amount of creativity involved, mixed with supernatural forces sets this genre apart from others.

What free tool or option do you think more authors should utilize?
I am relatively new but what I wish for is for more Authors to help others out- especially new ones like me.  It’d be great for established authors to volunteer to mentor and assist new authors break into the reader population, even to the point of spotlighting them on their blog.  This is invaluable assistance to any new author and I don’t see a lot of this happening.

What is one piece of advice you would give to new authors just starting out?
If you want to write, go ahead and do it.  Don’t let anyone stop you.  It will be a learning process at the beginning and quite possibly a struggle but if this is your dream, follow it and don’t let anyone stop you.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to read in your home?
I have a comfy couch by three windows in the front of my home.  It is a relatively peaceful place where I can enjoy the sunshine, the soft music from the wind chimes just outside the windows or even look out toward the street in between pages while I’m reading.  I love sitting in this one place and enjoying the relaxing, peaceful silence.

If you could have any type of mythical creature for a pet what would you choose and why?
A Dragon.  Not sure my HOA would like it though and don’t know where I’d house the Dragon once it matured to full size but I’d love to have a beautiful, powerful but gentle, loving dragon.

If readers could only identify you using one word about you and your books what word do you think they would choose and why?
Unique.  My books are not your usual Paranormal Romance.  They are different and usually have some kind of twist.  Nightfall is about a wolf-shifter who is taken in as a pet.  The Guardian League Angels- Jasper and Centurion- each have different personalities and responsibilities but find their mates on Earth and have to deal with “Earthly” subjects they don’t have experience in.

Have you ever had something happen that could be a paranormal occurrence that you could not explain?
Oh yes- several.  I tend to see things out of the corner of my eye.  I usually don’t disclose these things because not everyone is open to paranormal subjects/occurrences and some consider these things evil which is really crazy but I can tell you of one experience that has me laughing to this day.  The next day after my husband and I bought our first home, I was on my way to work.  I started backing my car out of the garage when thought I saw a tall man by the door leading in to our home; however, my husband already left for the day so there shouldn’t have been anyone there.  Then I noticed he was waving at me “good bye” and smiling and I felt he meant no harm.  When I turned to look at the man, to determine if he was really there and if he was a burglar or something else, he disappeared. I laugh because this “spirit/ghost/whatever” was just wishing me a nice day.  Too funny.

Depending on how many current paranormal books that you have on the market which one would you suggest new readers start with?  
The one that I get the highest ratings on is Jasper, The Guardian League, Book One; however, you have to have an open mind to read it.  The story is about a Guardian Angel who finds a human mate, on Earth.  You not only get glimpses into Jasper’s supernatural life and powers but you are taken on a journey through his courtship of his human mate who is stunned when she finds out what he really is.  The reason why I say the reader must be open-minded when reading Jasper is because the book and the whole series is not a “sweet romance” where intimacy is ‘off the books’ or behind closed doors.  Jasper is classified as a “Scorching hot romance” by the Publisher.  My Angels are like any other beings you will read about in books and when they fall in love, they fall hard and will do just about anything to please their mates because love endures and they want their mates, permanently, in their lives.

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