Jun 26, 2016

A Paranormal Reckoning Author Interview – Nicholas Bella

nicholasHere is my author interview with Nicholas Bella for A Paranormal Reckoning Event. Make sure to check out his Chained in Darkness Season One of the New Haven Series. Grab your copy today!

What is the one thing that you like best about writing and reading paranormal books?
I love the freedom to write whatever I want to write about the creatures I love. I’m a huge fan of the paranormal and I love reading as well as watching it to see what my fellow writers have come up with.

What paranormal creature is your favorite to read about and why?
Vampires. They have always been my favorite.  I love what you can do with them, their powers, their seduction and their lusts. They are very sexy.

What is one thing about the paranormal genre that you think stands out from other genres in the book world?
The one thing that stands out is that a writer’s imagination has no bounds. You can do so much more when crafting a paranormal world as opposed to one rooted in human restrictions.

What free tool or option do you think more authors should utilize?
FB groups that allow promotion. It’s been one of my biggest platforms to promote my novels.

What is one piece advice would you give to new authors just starting out?
Be original, and write what you love.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to read in your home?
In bed. 😀

If you could have any type of mythical creature for a pet what would you choose and why?
Hmmm, A dragon king from my NH series.

If readers could only identify you using one word about you and your books what word do you think they would choose and why?
Addicting. It’s also the word I hear the most from my fans. 😀

Have you ever had something happen that could be a paranormal occurrence that you could not explain?
Seeing the ghost of a dog while working at an animal shelter. I’ve never forgotten the experience.

Depending on how many current paranormal books that you have on the market which one would you suggest new readers start with?
If readers are looking for something dark, raunchy and out of the ordinary, I would suggest reading New Haven series. If they are looking for something dark, kinky, with some romance thrown in and original, I would suggest the Demon Gate series. 😀 Both have greatly entertained my fans.

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