Jun 26, 2016

A Paranormal Reckoning Author Interview – Jessica Gomez

jessicaHere is my author interview with Jessica Gomez for A Paranormal Reckoning Event. Make sure to check out her books especially Infected! Grab your copy today!

What is the one thing that you like best about writing and reading paranormal books?
The Best thing about reading and writing para books is definitely the imagination about them. They’re not your normal romance or horror. You can go above and beyond the realm of “normal” and create something all your own. Your imagination is your limit.

What paranormal creature is your favorite to read about and why?
I have to say I am a sucker for Vampires. I do like shifters as well. For me, they’re the sexiest ones. 😉

What is one thing about the paranormal genre that you think stands out from other genres in the book world?
I believe their more exciting. Most books seem repetitive. It’s not until you get a good para book can an entire new world open up for you.

What free tool or option do you think more authors should utilize?
Definitely, Beta readers! Your betas can make or break a book at times. They are usually diehard readers. They will catch anything and everything you may overlook. I couldn’t do it without mine. (Heart your faces!)

What is one piece advice would you give to new authors just starting out?
DON’T EVER GIVE UP! You WILL have doubt. There WILL be times when you wonder if you’re good enough, if your story is good enough. If you LOVE what you do, DO IT! It’s in human nature to doubt. Just remember that not everyone will like your books, everyone has different taste. But someone out there WILL love it just as much as you do. And that one person is worth it. <3

Do you have a favorite place that you like to read in your home?
Yes, my bathtub. lol

If you could have any type of mythical creature for a pet what would you choose and why?
Wow! This is a hard one. Hmmm… I think it would be down to two. A Unicorn or a Dragon. Weird combo, I know. I think I would have to settle with the Dragon. They’re pretty bad ass and mine would be an awesome mix of purples and reds. (Yes, I have thought about this in length.)

If readers could only identify you using one word about you and your books what word do you think they would choose and why?
AWESOMESAUCE! This is my hope anyway. Hahaha

Have you ever had something happen that could be a paranormal occurrence that you could not explain?
Oh, heck yes. I believe that anything is possible. There are too many unknowns to just say, “No, that’s not real.” We have this place called Hot Lake Hotel, close to where I live. It’s totally haunted and actually in a book of the 10 most haunted placed in the US. We went there when I was younger and all the doors on the floor we were on slammed closed at the same time. About 15 to 20 doors at once. Plus, when we were leaving, I saw a lady walking across the grass. She was in a white dress, but never touched the ground and you could see directly through her. Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there! Haven’t been back since. It is now a Bed & Breakfast!

Depending on how many current paranormal books that you have on the market which one would you suggest new readers start with?
Unfortunately, I only have one at this time, INFECTED. The sequel to this book IMMUNE, will release at the end of summer 2016. Preorder will be up and running soon. This will be a multi-book series. I’m not sure how many books as of now, I have to see where the story takes me!

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