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Feb 18, 2015

New changes coming to VampireForums

UntitledThere are quite a few changes coming to vampireforums including the various updates that are badly needed here! Some of the changes will include a complete overhaul on the book and media areas and new products being added to the store and new giveaways. I will also be adding more author interviews and book reviews as time allows. Please be patient as I work as quickly as possible to get things updated and refreshed with lots of new reading materials and authors to watch out for!

Feb 10, 2015


coverbocFor anyone who has ready anything by the talented Erica Stevens knows that she is one hell of a writer and The Captive Series is where my fan girling started! This amazing series follows young Aria who knows nothing more than fighting, death and the evil doers known as the vampires who now rule the world. This series currently contains 5 books that each are equally well written and will play on your emotions more times than you can count but will be worth ever sigh tear drop and gasp that you make during the time that it will take you to read them all. Click HERE to get the entire captive series in a box set for less than a $1! Make sure to head on over and click like on Erica Stevens Facebook Page to keep up to date on this series and other books that she has written!




81glaF4dTPL._SL1500_Book 1 – Captured
Book one is where the journey begins as Aria just 17 years old is captured and brought to the palace of the vampires and put on auction to be purchased as a blood slave. What she did not expect was the fact that Braith, one of the vampire princes has saved her from the claim of another vampire but what horrible plans does he have in store for her? After all most vampires especially the ones with royal blood pumping through their veins are the cruelest and most selfish of them all.





15102674Book 2 – Renegade
In book two Renegade she may have escaped the palace but only to have the caves which she called home to be stormed by vampire guards and when Braith – the one vampire that crushed her heart makes an unexpected appearance. What will happen when she comes face to face with the one person that she never wanted to see again even though her heart was aching for him? Purchase Renegade today!






16181528Book 3 – Refugee
In Refugee book 3 in this amazing series touches on the emotions of what happens when the world is viewed from different aspects of what once was real to what is left after the hundreds of years of being ruled by a handful of vampires including an iron fisted king who takes pleasure in destroying everything around him. Braith and Aria is set on gaining allies from some of the older aristocrats that stood against the king when the first war took place but this will not be an easy journey for either of them and each will learn that one’s weakness may be a strength when they are with the one person they are destined to be with. Refugee is waiting for you to purchase it now and believe me when I say that you are going to love this book as its my favorite in the entire series!




16307045Book 4 – Salvation
Salvation is book four in the series and will be a breaking point for this unlikely couple and those that surround them when Aria is captured by Braith’s brother – Caleb who is the only person that may be as evil if not worse than the king himself. The things that they have in store for her is more than anyone can deal with but she will fight to survive until Braith comes for her. Will he be able to save her in time before Caleb and the king tarnishes her body and spirit? Purchase your copy of Salvation now and find out why this series is one of the best out there!





21973254Book 5 – Redemption
Redemption follows Jack as he struggles to come to term with how things have changed over the last year including the death of the king – his father and the death of David the one man who he was set out to slaughter but found that love really did exist and that family wasn’t always formed by blood. Jack will move from place to place trying to deal with his grief in the best way he knows how until he meets Hannah in a town that seems to be more than what it may appear to be. Purchase your copy of Redemption now!




81O3yVsI4dL._SL1500_Broken (The Captive Series Prequel) (Pre Order)
Publication Date: March 30, 2015
*****The pre-order price will only be available for a limited time after release. Though this book is a standalone novel, it is highly recommended that it NOT be read without reading the other books in The Captive Series first as it does contain some spoilers. This book is set in the past but it is not meant to be a historical novel.*****

In The Captive Series the vampire king that decimated the human and vampire races was introduced, but now it’s time to meet the man that existed before he became a tyrannical king.
At twenty-five, Atticus is the last surviving member of the most powerful line of vampires, and is known as a prince amongst his kind. The life of luxury and privilege he’s always known is about to change in ways that he never could have seen coming though. Ways that will forever alter the course of his life, the lives of all those around him, and the history of the world.
With his life shattered and an all-consuming thirst for revenge the only thing keeping him going, he is left with only one realization…
Sometimes what rises from the ashes of a broken man, is a monster.

Mature YA/New Adult. This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

I have personally read all 5 of the captive books and cannot wait for the next one in the series. Erica Stevens is a unique writer that can easily be compared to some of the best vampire authors in history including Anne Rice, Jeanine Frost, Lara Adrian, JR Ward and plenty others! Personally I prefer her books over some of these Make sure to grab the Captive Series Box Set while its available for only $0.99 and pre-order your copy of Broken as well! It will be the best $2 you will ever spend on books!

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