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Nov 9, 2013

Poem Contest Submissions

First off I would like to say thanks to everyone that submitted an original poem. Four people were disqualified because the work that was submitted was not original and was in fact written by authors. We hold these contests to give you a chance to show your creativity and have fun with it. Please take the time to write your own work for future contests. Now before we announce the winners we want to share the wonderful work that was submitted to us. We will not list the full names because we do not want to invade their privacy but all of them was wonderful pieces. The first place winner will receive a Vampire Forums T-shirt. The two second place winners will receive a signed book by an author of our choice. The rest of the contestants will receive a vampire eBook set of our choice. Thank you all for your submissions and congratulations to the winners!


He thinks he’ll find me, angel wings so black; (1st Place Winner)
The ends already been written, no getting it back,
The pale horse comes in armor; Death wants what it desires,
Once last dance, around the mortal fires,
The Reapers at the graveyard, waiting for the night
I’m at the Devil’s beck and call, hiding from the light.

Viper’s Sting”…
You feel the power in your very core,
And in terror your spirit wants to soar,
 But there is no escape from the toxic transgression,
That claws at your soul with a deadly obsession…
Promises made in the heat of passion,
Burn swiftly till only are ashen,
And the lingering sting of a viper’s kiss,
 Is hidden behind the sweetest of bliss…
You run you hide you try to protect,
Every sound every touch a trick you suspect,
Now hold your breath as it pulls you under,
But it’s too late as your heart is shredded asunder.

You write the words that help me thru the day  (Tie for second place)
You leave a piece of your soul upon the page
You made a world where I want to stay
Where I can live and never age
You are the light in the darkness of my mind
Your words I will read till I’m blind.

Leaves me in a peculiar position,
I’m starting to love this kind of stuff,
That’s for sure
To become something for which there is very little cure,
At night I leave my windows open wide
And wait for my maker to glide,
Now I am allowing the world to know-
That I ‘Tim Collins’ am willing to let this life as I know it, go.

Lord & Lady carry me to a place that can’t be seen.
A place of love so high above, of total serenity.
A place where I can find the peace and mingle with the night,
Where mystical beings dance just out of sight.
Pixies, sprites, and faeries flights just to name a few,
 I raise my hands to the sky above as the midnight moon peaks through.
The clouds all part, a song in my heart,
Mother Nature I cherish you.

A wonderland created in her head, says the delirious words that tumbled out of her mouth after she awoke.
She was free to be herself there, she thought, as the weak smile that sometimes slid along her pale face.
Wonderland was corrupting though, as thoughts of the doll faced mutants who fought against her amongst the dark, red blood filled her thoughts.
The card guards brutal, the executioner ruthless
Shall I never escape my mind? Shall I always live here??

My beloved… (Tie for second place)
My soul who cries into the night..
My inner woman who seeks the warmth of you…
My voice is lost without you..
I have no home..
I have no purpose….
The demons come for me….
I cannot stop this fight..
It is you in my dreams my beloved
It is you in my mind, in the far corners who creep into the night.
It is your hands I seek when I am afraid…
It is your comforting words that make me walk the right path..
My beloved…
My eternally beloved man….
It is you I seek…
Come for me…. I call to you…
Come for me… I command you….
Come to me, so I may install I love


And the winner is Stephanie with the very first poem on our list!

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